Customize the process of checkweigher

The online checkweigher is mainly used at the end of the packaging production line in the industries of food, health care products, batteries and daily chemicals, etc. different assembly line sizes are different, we need to customize the check weigher to match the assembly line.Let me tell you how to customize a checkweigher.

How does a checkweigher work?

In principle, a distinction must be made between dynamic and static checkweighers: Static scales are table or floor scales on which products have to be placed manually and the scale determines the period of time when it has reached a weight estimation. This leads to highly accurate weighing results, however, this procedure can only be carried out on a random basis.

Sorting Principle of Checkweigher

With the development of society has been improving, check weighing machines conform to the trend of the times, perfect display in our real enterprises! It can double the speed of product weight detection on line, and also ensure the quality problem of the product to achieve the effect of quality assurance. 

Do you know what a checkweigher is?

Checkweigher according to the different settings of the application: sorting too light or heavy products, sorting missing products, according to different weight specifications to stop multi-stage sorting.Multi - machine weight tester up to 40 classes.

Why are weighing scales very popular in food industry?

The application of weighing scales,as know as checkweigher,in the food industry is very important.With the development of modern society, people's living standard has been greatly improved, and people have greater requirements on the quality of life, especially food, which is particularly important for human beings. 

What are the characteristics of Shanghai Shigan checkweighers?

Shanghai Shigan Industrial co., LTD. Is specialized in the r&d and manufacturing of automatic conveying equipment.After practice, has developed a mature variety of check weigher.

How to maintain the automatic weighing machine

Automatic weighing machine is mainly used for automatic weight detection, up-down line identification or weight classification selection on various automatic packaging lines. It is widely used for online high-speed packaging weight detection in pharmaceutical, food, health care products, daily chemical, battery, light industry and other industries.

Solve the problem of manual leakage by using weight recognition machine

How to solve the problem of instruction manual leakage has troubled many manufacturers,This article explains in detail how to solve this problem. Let's take a look!

Application of metal detector in food industry

As consumers pay more attention to food safety, there are more and more complaints about foreign bodies in food. According to statistics, about 50% of food quality complaints are about foreign bodies, and the rest are about taste.And metal detector domestic price is low, cost-effective, relatively speaking, food enterprises can bear the basic.So,many companies choose metal detectors!

Shanghai Shigan's checkweigher type details

Shanghai Shigan industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and development of weigh-checking equipment ,with more than ten years of experience in the weighing apparatus manufacturing industry.After thousands of days and nights of repeated research, now has a very complete weighing inspection system.Now,let's take a look at these checkweighers.

How should the online weighing machine maintain the conveyor belt in daily use?

Weighing machine based on the dynamic weighing technology, the realization of "in motion" products automatically transported to the weighing platform for weighing and automatic classification, elimination functions.In the context of "science and technology is the first productivity", automatic weighing machine with its full automation, high precision, 100% detection rate, simple operation and maintenance and perfect functions for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and battery industries to provide a good choice to ensure quality, reduce costs, improve production efficiency.

Instructions for proper use of the conveyor belt check weigher

Conveyor belt check weigher was born in 1953. It is a high-tech equipment that can dynamically detect whether the weight of products reaches the standard and quickly eliminate defective products.Recently, weighing machine has entered the production line of all walks of life, it can bring many benefits to enterprises, especially the advantages of high precision, high speed, favored by leading enterprises in all industries.

Two precision test methods for check weighing scale

Check weighing scale is a key equipment, automatic production line is very it has high precision, high speed, can save a single product weight and total weight per batch products, and other functions, but in the use of inspection in the process of weighing scales, want to ensure that every batch of products can achieve accurate measurement, it needs to check to test the accuracy of weighing scales.

Five common culling methods of checkweigher

As is known to all, there are many ways to check the weight, but the main way of elimination are panel tumover type,air-sweeping type,dropped type,push type and driving lever type.Next Shanghai Shigan for you to introduce these five elimination in detail, hope to help you choose and buy check weigher.

Causes of false alarm of metal detector

There are many reasons for metal detection alarm. Because metal detection machine is a sensitive equipment, it is affected by the surrounding magnetic field (including electromagnetic, if there are wires) and the moisture of conveyor belt.

The workflow of checkweigher introduce

For many people who are new to weighing scales,the biggest problem was what was the workflow of the checkweigher.If you want to use the check weigher well, you should understand the work flow of the check weigher from the principle.

Proper installation of online checkweigher

Choosing the ideal online checkweigher for your application is a good place to start, and making sure the online checkweigher is properly installed is critical.Calibrate the online weight scale to produce packages that are significantly higher or lower than the target weight of the product. This will not only ensure that you meet the requirements of the legal weights and measures, but also reduce product waste.

Checkweighing scale suddenly appears inaccurate inspection method

Checkweighing scale suddenly appears inaccurate inspection method。It is generally difficult to predict which sudden faults will be encountered when using the automatic check weigher, but users can know the troubleshooting method in advance and check the reasons step by step.The following is about the check weigher suddenly inaccurate fault detection method, if you encounter this kind of fault in the future can be checked one by one.

The method to improve the measurement accuracy of online check weigher

Online check weigher, also called weight detection machine, weight sorting scale, automatic check weigher, weight sorting machine and so on.It is a kind of equipment which can realize high speed and high precision weighing of packaging products under the dynamic operation of automatic production line and automatically sort the products according to the weighing results.The use of online inspection weighers has greatly improved product quality and optimized production processes, thus ensuring product quality, controlling costs, eliminating waste and increasing profits.

Proper use of metal detectors and sensitivity adjustment methods

Proper use of metal detectors is very important for many enterprises, and the sensitivity adjustment of metal detectors is the first step in the process of use, so how to use and adjust metal detectors?Next, Shanghai Shigan tell you!

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