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Automatic checkweigher is a major equipment on the assembly line of modern production workshops. It is used in medicine, industry, food and other fields. The birth of checkweigher has greatly improved production efficiency and is an indispensable testing equipment for improving production. . However, as the automatic checkweigher is used for a long time, stains will remain on the surface of the machine, so people need to clean the checkweigher regularly. And how to clean the checkweigher is difficult for many people. In fact, the method of operation is very simple. I will tell you the next step!

Analysis of factors affecting measurement accuracy of weight sorting checkweigher

Weight sorting online checkweigher is a kind of automatic checkweighing equipment for production lines widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. The reason why the dynamic checkweigher is widely used in automated production lines in many fields is because the checkweigher can monitor the quality requirements of products weighing in real time, which brings many benefits and conveniences to manufacturing enterprises. Let's follow the editor of Shanghai Shigan to understand the factors affecting the measurement accuracy of the checkweigher.

The automatic check weigher should be skid - proof before use

Automatic check weigher is on the production line dynamic detection products of the weight of equipment, is a kind of non-standard customized equipment, on the basis of the weight of the product, the detection precision, detection speed per minute and tailored to the online inspection of heavy equipment, can quickly eliminate the unqualified products, to make enterprise product quality on the production line.

Can you use the online checkweigher correctly on the assembly line?

Online checkweigher on the assembly line is a kind of dynamic weighing equipment on production line, which can detect 100% of each product weight and divide the product into two or more groups according to the weight.It is suitable for packaging terminal process testing of products, and provides a more economical solution for simple on-line weight testing. It has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high measurement accuracy and strong expansion performance.

How to improve the accuracy of metal detector?

For the products of many industry platforms, the accuracy of metal inspection has an important impact on the quality assurance, but the accuracy of metal detector is affected by many factors, so how to improve the accuracy of metal detector detection?

Why can the high precision check weigher of Shanghai Shigan be customized without standard?

As we all know, there are a lot of products on the market varieties, production line of these products are different, so the production line equipment used are also different, high precision check weigher of Shanghai Shigan is designed for high quality products, its weight accuracy can reach + / - 0.1 g, commonly used in some areas such as medicine, health food, biochemical items, to ensure the high quality of product realization output.

How to choose a suitable automatic check weigher machine?

It is important to choose a suitable automatic check weigher machine for enterprisesautomatic check weigher machine is a kind of on-line dynamic weighing equipment, it can detect 100% of the weight of each product and separate out the unqualified products.According to the accuracy, speed and the size of the product, there are many models and series, how to choose the right check weigher?

The working principle of high accuracy metal detection machine

The metal detector is usually composed of two parts, namely the detection coil and the automatic elimination device, of which the detection coil is the core part.When the coil is energized, a magnetic field will be generated, and metal will enter the magnetic field, which will cause the magnetic field to change. Therefore, metal impurities can be judged.

Does the automatic weighing machine need to be preheated before use?

There are many kinds of check weighers, from the general human check weighers to the electronic check weighers, it is more and more convenient, so in the daily life to see the use of electronic check weighers need to warm up, this is why?The following let Shanghai Shigan technical personnel for you to answer the automatic weighing machine why to warm up.

Calibration method of online weight sorting machine

Every products manufacturing enterprises has a standard weight, and error range, for enterprise automation production line, in the product weight test link, using weight sorting machine, set the standard weight and the parameters of the error range, it can be sorting out the unqualified products, qualified products into the next process.The calibration of weight sorter is an indispensable work in the process of use.

Where should we check before using automatic check weigher?

As for what needs to be done before using the automatic check weigher, this question seems small, but it cannot be ignored. We should strive to do a good job in every detail to ensure that the online check weigher can be used for a long time.

What are the reasons for the conveyor belt of the weigher not running?

Conveyor belt checkweigher is a kind of high speed and high precision on-line inspection equipment, which can be integrated with various packaging production lines and conveying systems. It is mainly used for on-line inspection of whether the product weight is qualified or not, whether there are missing parts or instructions in the package, etc.

Will the online check weigher machine rust?

Will the online check weigher machine rust?This problem must have troubled many manufacturers who feared that the purchased weighing scales would rust in a short time.Here, Shanghai Shigan can clearly tell you that in most cases, the online check weigher machine produced by our company will not rust.We choose the best 304 stainless steel as the main material, 360°full machine package.