Features of Vertical Capsule Metal Detector For The Pharmaceutical Industry

2022-08-24 15:26:25

This vertical capsule metal detector from Shanghai Shigan manufacturers is mainly used in pharmaceuticals and other industries with high detection sensitivity requirements. Automatic metal detector is used to detect broken needles, iron wires or lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel, etc. It can also be used for the detection of metal objects in food, toys and textiles.

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Vertical capsule metal detector pictures

 Vertical capsule metal detector features

1. Adopt intelligent recognition technology, with self-learning and memory functions

2. Good detection effect, equipped with anti-jamming system to reduce the influence of other factors

3. Continuous work up to 1 million times, strong and durable

4. Shockproof and waterproof design, dustproof and waterproof function combined with international certification, can adapt to harsh working environment

5. It is carefully developed using leading digital technology and imported chips, and has the characteristics of high detection accuracy and stable performance

6. Simple and friendly operation interface, using a conversational LCD screen, one setting can ensure extremely high detection accuracy.


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