Why monitor the inline check weighing machine on a regular basis?

2021-09-08 16:31:00

Small mistakes in the filling production line can lead to unacceptable waste, as does the food and pharmaceutical production lines. If the automatic checkweighing system is used on the production line to check the weight and filling level of the product, excessive filling and waste can be avoided to a large extent. However, like all online equipment, if the inline check weighing machine is set and maintained incorrectly, it will also cause expensive costs such as downtime. If you are a little cautious in selecting and setting the system, you can achieve a higher level of equipment efficiency, reduce maintenance to a large extent, and increase output and productivity. Therefore, we need to monitor the checkweigher regularly.


The key to determining and repairing in advance that may affect weighing sensitivity and production line efficiency is to regularly monitor the inline checkweighing system. When training employees, the production line operators should be reminded to pay attention to the data output by the system, so that small differences in weighing accuracy can be noticed as early as possible. In this process, regular visual inspection procedures should also be added. In this way, the problem can be clarified and bug corrections can be taken as early as possible.


Don't forget to establish a regular performance test plan from the beginning to ensure accurate weighing. Changes in the atmosphere will affect the accuracy of weighing, so it is important to regularly check the sensitivity of the load cell. This will avoid false rejections and help prevent overweight products from continuing to enter the latter part of the production line. Standardized procedures should be implemented in the event of weighing errors. The operator should know what to do and be able to respond quickly, greatly reducing the interruption time.If you have any questions in the process of using the checkweigher, you are welcome to contact us at any time

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