Analysis of factors affecting measurement accuracy of weight sorting checkweigher

2020-12-01 13:36:00

Weight sorting online checkweigher is a kind of automatic checkweighing equipment for production lines widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. The reason why the dynamic checkweigher is widely used in automated production lines in many fields is because the checkweigher can monitor the quality requirements of products weighing in real time, which brings many benefits and conveniences to manufacturing enterprises. Let's follow the editor of Shanghai Shigan to understand the factors affecting the measurement accuracy of the checkweigher.


 1. Temperature: Generally high temperature, low temperature, and humidity stability will also affect the accuracy of the checkweigher. Therefore, we recommend that the working environment temperature of the checkweigher is generally between 0°C and 40°C, which has the least impact on accuracy.

  2. Ground vibration: Because the production workshop is noisy, the machine will cause ground vibration, and even the uneven ground in some workshops will affect the accuracy of the checkweigher.

  3. Radio frequency interference: checkweigher equipment for various radio frequency interference. Therefore, how to reduce and avoid such radio frequency interference not only has theoretical significance, but also has engineering value.

  4. Electrostatic induction: When there are more charged objects or dust, static electricity will be generated when close to metal objects. Of course, it will also cause interference or even damage to the sensitive weight classifier, so the checkweigher must take anti-static measures in advance;

  5. The tested product is corrosive: only anti-corrosive online checkweighers can be customized. Through detailed communication with engineers in the early stage, which materials and processes can be used for special treatment;

  6. There are omissions in the product: For example, the seal of the packaging box is not tight enough to cause omissions. This small phenomenon will also affect the accuracy of the checkweigher;

  7. Improper use of human error in the production process will have a great impact on the accuracy of the checkweigher and may even damage the weight classifier. The possible damage is the weight sensor.

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