An extraordinary 2020 in Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,. Ltd

2020-12-01 11:36:52

In a blink of an eye, there is only one month left in 2020. The new crown pneumonia at the beginning of the year swept the country. Fortunately, the epidemic was controlled in time. Since the resumption of work in March, Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. has been operating at full speed and is committed to providing customers with A more convenient and accurate checkweigher solutions! What are we doing in a busy year?

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1. New project

Relying on excellent quality and high quality service, Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. has gained the trust of new and old customers one after another. New customer orders are one after another. Among them, there are many new customers introduced to us by old customers. Projects and Phase II projects have repurchased our online checkweighers. Here, we would like to thank all new and old customers for their trust, understanding and support!

2. Upgrade products

Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. knows that innovation is indispensable. We do not forget our original intention, insist on taking weighing technology as the core, independent research and development, independent innovation, and provide enterprises with reliable assembly line high precision checkweigher!

Under the guidance of our excellent customers and partners, with the efforts of all colleagues and technicians, we have upgraded the machine operating system and the performance of each component of the checkweigher this year, and slowly polished our products with the heart of a craftsman!

We use high-precision German HBM sensors for load cells

We use Weilun color display screen

The conveyor belt adopts food grade to avoid pollution!


We use the best quality of each component, you are welcome to come and learn!


Carried out overall optimization, upgrade and integration to help companies from product packaging-weight inspection-finished products out of the warehouse.

The whole-process quality control management and data feedback traceability help companies keep abreast of production data and reduce costs.

Finally, again, thank you for your continued attention!

In the future,Shanghai Shigan will continue to provide you with high quality checkweigher solutions!Welcome to contact us!

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