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The checkweigher is a high-speed, precise automatic online weight checking equipment, used to check whether the weight of the product on the conveyor belt meets the set target weight tolerance, and can also automatically reject lighter or overweight products.

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At present, online weighing equipment has entered a new period of adjusting product structure and improving development capabilities. Technology upgrading and product replacement are important for the development of the industry.

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Shanghai Shigan industrial Co., LTD. Is a powerful manufacturer of inspection weigher, with decades of experience in design and production of inspection weigher, the quality is guaranteed, we also welcome consumers to visit our factory!

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Over the years, Shanghai Shigan has participated in many exhibitions, and our company has attracted a large number of customers and friends with its excellent quality, high-precision detection,professional technical guidance and patient service. At every exhibition, a large number of new and old customers will come to know and buy our inspection weighers, and become our sincere "fans".

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With years of export experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, SHIGAN has won numerous customers' trust and support.Now our products have been sold to more than 60 countries all over the world. Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is far ahead in the industry with its high quality products, low price and considerate after-sales service, which is deeply trusted and loved by consumers.

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Shanghai Shigan industrial Co., LTD. Is a powerful manufacturer of inspection weigher, with decades of experience in design and production of inspection weigher, the quality is guaranteed.

Customize the process of checkweigher

The online checkweigher is mainly used at the end of the packaging production line in the industries of food, health care products, batteries and daily chemicals, etc. different assembly line sizes are different, we need to customize the check weigher to match the assembly line.Let me tell you how to customize a checkweigher.

How to select check weight machine for fragile products?

In the process of manufacturing, many finished or semi-finished products are fragile and easily damaged.When the automatic weighing machine and weight sorting machine are used for online dynamic weight detection of fragile products, what is the most suitable way to adopt?

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Shanghai Shigan destroy unqualified online checkweigher

China Associaation For Phramaceutical Equipment.(CIPM 59th) Ended Successfully

What is the difference between online checkweigher and automatic weighing sorter?

An extraordinary 2020 in Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,. Ltd

In a blink of an eye, there is only one month left in 2020. The new crown pneumonia at the beginning of the year swept the country. Fortunately, the epidemic was controlled in time. 

The grand occasion of the 21st Shanghai Food Packaging Exhibition - Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,. Ltd

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What problems should be paid attention to when transporting high precision checkweighers?

How to choose automatic online check weigher manufacturers?

The enterprises that have used automatic online check weigher know that its high precision and fast speed can never be achieved by manual weighing, and the cost is far lower than manual weighing.At present, the production of automatic online check weigher manufacturers are increasing, the price in the market is uneven, there are lower prices to mislead customers, it is possible to buy a substandard automatic check weigher.How to choose the manufacturer of automatic online check weigher?

Analysis of factors affecting measurement accuracy of weight sorting checkweigher

Weight sorting online checkweigher is a kind of automatic checkweighing equipment for production lines widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. The reason why the dynamic checkweigher is widely used in automated production lines in many fields is because the checkweigher can monitor the quality requirements of products weighing in real time, which brings many benefits and conveniences to manufacturing enterprises. Let's follow the editor of Shanghai Shigan to understand the factors affecting the measurement accuracy of the checkweigher.

The sorting scale can help you solve the problem of missing and less loading on the product line

In order to solve this problem, the quality control department formulates simple and reasonable production standards, strictly in accordance with the sampling standards for testing, but this phenomenon is still inevitable.Seeing one complaint after another about faulty packing really makes the manufacturer miserable.

How to set the upper and lower limits of the weight sorting checkweigher?

How does the dynamic online checkweigher realize sorting?