How to select check weight machine for fragile products?

2020-07-13 09:59:44

In the process of manufacturing, many finished or semi-finished products are fragile and easily damaged,examples include glass bottles, plastic products, puffed food and so on.When theautomatic weighing machine and weight sorting machine are used for online dynamic weight detection of fragile products, what is the most suitable way to adopt?

As we all know, automatic weighing machine and weight sorting machine on the assembly line can detect the weight of packaged products. The latter sorting equipment can effectively eliminate unqualified products with insufficient weight or those with excessive weight to improve product quality.


1. Selection of the rear segment sorting and removing device

Because the tested product itself is fragile and easy to be damaged, the three kinds of elimination and sorting methods, such as push rod, swing arm and dial rod, cannot be used when selecting the elimination device, which is not applicable in this case.For fear of damage to the product, it is recommended to use the method of air-blown elimination or shunt elimination.

2. Regulating the running speed of online inspection machine system

A. When the products enter the feeding conveyor of the inspection heavy machinery system (the front section of the inspection heavy machinery equipment), speed up and widen the product space,so as to prevent the products being inspected from wrong inspection in the weighing section of the inspection heavy machinery equipment at the same time, and prevent the collision phenomenon in the rear section;

B. The online weight sorter shall adjust the appropriate weight checking speed to prepare for placing products and prevent mutual collision;

3. For product sorting, when each product is sorted into the collection point, the product collection point shall be used for damage prevention,and some sponges and plastic bubbles shall be placed in the collector (collection box) as buffer.

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