Checkweigher for food industry

Automatic dynamic checkweigher can solve the detection of insufficient net weight/overweight of packaged food, and packaged food full box/bag/full box/whole package missing.

Checkweigher for pharmaceuticals industry

The high-precision checkweigher can solve the problem of detecting whether tablet drugs are small or multiple in the pharmaceutical industry; whether powdered drugs are missing or multiple bags; whether the weight of liquid drugs meets the standard requirements; whether the drug accessories are missing (such as instructions, desiccants) Wait).

Checkweigher for cosmetics industry

The online checkweigher solves the quality control problems of automatic weighing and packaging production line inspection. Check whether the mask is missing parts, bags, cosmetics meet the production requirements, and the products are complete.

Checkweigher for daily necessities

Online digital checkweigher is used to detect the missing quantity of single products in products such as bags, bags, boxes, bottles, cans, boxes, such as missing bottles in the whole box, missing cans in the whole box, missing parts in the whole box, missing bags in the whole bag, and missing bags in the whole article Wait.

Checkweigher for hardware fitting

The online checkweigher can detect all kinds of metal stamping parts, die-casting parts, processed parts, precision parts, spare parts and other product quality inspection, building materials products online weighing and classification.

Online Checkweigher

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