The sorting scale can help you solve the problem of missing and less loading on the product line

2020-07-14 14:56:40

Sorting scale is also called online checkweighter, weighing scale.Many home appliances, digital products enterprises have such a problem, the production of goods containing power, cable, product manuals and other various packing accessories.Product packaging shipment, will always be scattered leakage, less loading phenomenon?!Although the proportion of similar products is unusually small, the number of accidents in which defective products reach consumers is 100%.Users feel uncomfortable, complaints at the same time, it will affect the reputation of the brand.Then automatic sorting scale can solve this problem for you.

In order to solve this problem, the quality control department formulates simple and reasonable production standards, strictly in accordance with the sampling standards for testing, but this phenomenon is still inevitable.Seeing one complaint after another about faulty packing really makes the manufacturer miserable.


Some people say that the method of full inspection before shipment is adopted to solve the problem, which theoretically can effectively prevent the leakage of assembly problem. However, the conventional manual full inspection causes high production cost and low production efficiency, so it is not advisable to apply it to the production line with large daily output.Besides that, isn't there a more effective way to solve it?!Here we try to introduce a method of full inspection of production line products using check weighers.

Check weigher is a kind of weighing control equipment to judge whether the product is qualified and make actions by detecting the weight of the product. It can quickly and accurately judge whether the product weight is within the scope of specifications. If the product is qualified, it will enter the next process through the production line.For example, the weight range of a certain brand product plus package is 200.3g-201.5g, the inspection weigher will automatically detect each passed package product. If the weight is less than 200.3g, it will be judged as missing and few packages will be rejected and returned to the front-end process; if the weight is more than 201.5g, it will be judged as more accessories and returned to the front-end inspection.Only products within the standard range can be normally transported to the back end and into the market through the inspection weigher.In this way, we can guarantee the qualified rate of the product shipment on the problem of missed loading, without affecting the production efficiency, and improve the brand reputation while ensuring the production efficiency of the product.

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