Note: Do not operate automatic check weigher without knowing these

2020-07-14 14:45:10

Automatic check weigher solves many problems for enterprises, not only in reducing labor costs, reducing the outflow of defective products, but also in reducing customer complaints and so on.What aspects should be paid attention to when operating the automatic check weigher?Let's see it together.


1.The sensor of automatic check weigher is a very sensitive measuring device and must be treated with care.Avoid shaking, squeezing or falling objects on the weighing stand (weighing belt).Do not place tools on weighing tables.

2, the products to be weighed regularly into the automatic weighing scale, that is, the product spacing as far as possible equal, is a prerequisite for reliable weighing.Please keep the photoelectric switches clean. Dust, stains or condensation on optical components may cause faults. If necessary, wipe these components lightly with a soft cloth or cotton cloth.

3. During the transportation of the automatic check weigher, the weighing belt must be fixed in its original position with screws and nuts.

4. If the automatic check weigher is equipped with belt conveyor, please check the belt regularly.The conveyor belt must not touch any protective gear or transition plate (the light slide between adjacent conveyor belts) as this would cause additional wear and vibration and may adversely affect accuracy.If protective devices are installed, check that they are in good condition and installed in the correct position.Wear belt must be replaced in time.

5. Please keep the weighing belt conveyor of the automatic check weigher clean. Because stains or residues left by the product may cause faults, the dirt can be blown away with compressed air or wiped with a wet soft cloth.

6. When installing the eliminator with independent base or the eliminator with independent bracket (column), please ensure that the foot screw or bottom plate is firmly fixed on the ground, so as to reduce the disturbing vibration.

7. If the automatic check weigher is equipped with chain conveyor belt, check the protective devices regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and installed in the correct position.

8. Keep spare parts stock, especially those that are easy to wear out, so as to shorten the downtime caused by spare parts damage.

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