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2021-05-27 16:59:52

The online dynamic checkweigher is a high-speed, high-precision online checkweigher with a very wide range of applications. This article will share with you the application cases of online checkweighers in the daily necessities industry, and hope that it will be helpful for you to choose weight sorting checkweighers!

[Customer background]

Check whether the manual and sheet products are missing or missing parts.

[Customer requirements]

Achieve 100% control of product weight, 100% rejection of unqualified weight

[Recommended online checkweigher parameters]

After communicating with the customer, the specifications of the checkweigher are determined as follows:

Weighing range: 0-100g

Resolution: dynamic accuracy 0.01g

Throughput (pieces/minute): 150 pieces/minute

Weighing belt width (mm): Customized according to the customer's actual check-weighing product size. Length, width and height: 115*65*30mm

Transmission height: height 83cm adjustable

[Highlights of Online Checkweigher]

1. After passing the automatic checkweigher, complete the checkweighing on the conveyor belt.

2. Using conveyor belt, stepless speed regulation

3. The height of the host can be adjusted

4. The appearance is not affected during the weighing process, and the waste rejection pulse time can be adjusted.

5. Smooth discharging, no accumulation and clogging.

[On-site debugging]

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