Push rod type online automatic agricultural product checkweigher -customer case

2021-05-17 16:50:38

The online automatic checkweigher has a wide range of applications in large-package products. This editor recommends the case of the agricultural and sideline product gift box online checkweigher to see how the online checkweigher can help the fruit wholesale industry save labor and improve work efficiency.

[Customer background]

A Brazilian agricultural and sideline product processor, mainly engaged in the sale of various processed agricultural and sideline products.

[customer demand]

The high-speed reading method detects the weight of the products on the production line, and can detect the products with unqualified weight in the continuous production line, and executes the online and offline judgment or automatic weight sorting according to this, and rejects the unqualified products in the packaged products production line

Inspection items: agricultural and sideline products packaged in gift boxes

The heaviest product tested: 10kg

Accuracy requirements: ±20g


Through detailed communication with customers and an in-depth understanding of their needs, Shanghai Shiqian customized a large-scale checkweigher suitable for them. In addition to meeting the basic parameter requirements of customers, the checkweigher is equipped with HBM load cells and a 10-inch touch screen, which is easy to operate.

The dynamic checkweigher adopts the push rod rejection method, the push rod adds cushion pads and the storage part also adds cushion pads to prevent product damage during rejection. The customer was satisfied after seeing the plan and signed the contract immediately.



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