Two-way Rejection Checkweigher Customers Come To Our Factory To Check The Accuracy

2022-08-25 16:28:58

A certain gel production company selected our two-way rejection checkweigher after multiple screenings on the Internet due to testing needs.

The customer needs a checkweigher with two consoles that can be removed in both directions. The precision requirements are high. Whether it can be done or not, our technicians have learned some detailed requirements through inquiries, and told the customer that it can be customized. The drawings were made and sent to our factory in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. The master made them according to the drawings.

As the picture shows


After a few days of testing and debugging by the master, I took an inspection video to the customer. After watching the video, the customer still wanted to come to the factory to test it.




After the customer came to test for about an hour, I had a detailed chat with our master. After the accuracy, upper and lower limit values, and speed of the equipment were no problem, I went back. The equipment will be delivered to the customer. work in.



For example, if you also encounter product abnormalities in the production process, such as: unqualified weight, metal foreign matter, slow manual sorting, low production speed, etc., you can contact us for details and see if we can help you solve.

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