How should the online checkweigher take anti-freezing measures when the temperature is low?

2020-12-12 11:11:32

The antifreeze protection of the assembly line online checkweigher system is often overlooked by many companies. It ensures the working efficiency of the automatic checkweigher and avoids the error detection and error detection of the checkweigher during the working process. So, how should the online checkweigher take anti-freezing measures? Let's take a look at the Shanghai Shigan together.


1. Installation measures: Choose a reasonable installation location: a dry place without rain drips.

2. Inspection measures: the person in charge shall make regular inspections according to the scheduled inspection route. During the inspection, check whether the valve is normal, whether the incubator is normal, whether the drainage equipment is normal, whether the insulation material packaging is intact, and whether the power supply components are normal.

3. Inspection measures: If the company has conditions, special personnel can carry out technical treatment on whether the insulation material is damaged or the steam pipeline is blocked on a daily basis.

4. Alarm measures: A small alarm device for steam leakage or power failure can be installed to facilitate the discovery and timely rectification of hidden dangers of heat preservation and antifreeze measures.

  Summary, the above is the anti-freezing measures of the automatic checkweigher machine. If you need to know more about the weight sorting machine, you can call us at any time!

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