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2020-12-10 11:00:53

Automatic checkweigher is a major equipment on the assembly line of modern production workshops. It is used in medicine, industry, food and other fields. The birth of checkweigher has greatly improved production efficiency and is an indispensable testing equipment for improving production. . However, as the automatic checkweigher is used for a long time, stains will remain on the surface of the machine, so people need to clean the checkweigher regularly. And how to clean the checkweigher is difficult for many people. In fact, the method of operation is very simple. I will tell you the next step!


●Clean the weighing platform of the checkweigher:

After cutting off the power of the sorting scale, unplug the power cord. Soak the gauze and wring it dry, then dip a little neutral cleaning fluid (such as alcohol) to clean the weighing pan, display filter and other parts of the weighing body. The conveyor belt that can be easily loaded and unloaded can be cleaned with warm water. Clean with warm water at about 45℃ once a week, soak the conveyor belt of the sorting scale in boiling water for about 5 minutes

●Partial cleaning of the main body of the checkweigher:

1. The power supply must be cut off to prevent the danger of electric shock before starting to clean the checkweigher

2. When choosing cleaning utensils, please use a cloth moistened with water or neutral detergent for cleaning

3. Do not use organic solvents such as thinners and benzene-to prevent corrosion of objects and the body, affecting use

4. Do not use metal brushes to prevent scratches on objects and the body

●Checkweigher printer cleaning (under the premise that the equipment is equipped with a printer):

Cut off the power, open the plastic door on the right side of the scale body, hold the plum blossom handle on the outside of the printer, and drag the printer out of the scale body. Press the front of the printer, release the print head, and gently wipe the print head with the special print head cleaning pen attached to the scale accessory. After cleaning and wiping, cover the pen cap to prevent the cleaning fluid from evaporating in the pen, and then wait two minutes for the print head After the upper cleaning fluid is fully evaporated, close the print head, push the printer back into the scale body, close the plastic door, power on and test, and you can use it normally after the print is clear.


●Maintenance of checkweigher:

1. The pollution caused by touch and fingerprints can be wiped with a sponge or cloth containing organic solvents (alcohol, gasoline, acetone, etc.) when it can not be completely removed with neutral detergent or soap.

2. If the rust caused by the adhesion of the cleaning agent cannot be removed with a neutral detergent, please use a cleaning agent

3. Rust caused by iron powder or salt during machine operation can be wiped with a sponge or cloth containing neutral detergent or soapy water, which can be easily removed and wiped clean.

The above is the relevant methods for cleaning and maintenance of the sorting scale shared by Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,.Ltd, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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