How can we effectively control the source of metal foreign body pollution?

2020-12-09 11:17:08

To know how to effectively control the source of foreign metal pollution, we must first know what the source of foreign metal pollution is.

Metal pollution sources usually include the following types:

  • Raw materials Typical examples include metal labels and lead in meat products, metal wires mixed with wheat, mesh metal wires in powder materials, fish hooks in fish, staples, and wire bundles in material containers.

  • Personnel influence Buttons, pens, jewelry, coins, keys, issuing cards, rings, pins, paper clips, etc.

  • Maintenance and repair Screwdrivers and similar tools, metal cuttings and welding slag generated after repairs, copper wire scraps after electrical repairs, other items generated due to inefficient cleaning or negligence, and metal scraps generated by pipeline repairs.

• Treatment in the workshop Whenever the product is handled or processed, there is always a risk of contamination. Crushers, mixers, slicers and transportation systems can all be sources of metal contamination. The pollutants generated by the above pollution sources include broken screens, metal fragments generated by milling machines, and foils in recycled products.


There are many sources of metal pollution-even the most stringent control measures cannot completely prevent the occasional introduction of tiny metal pollutants into products used by consumers. Good operating practices can minimize the possibility of metal contaminants entering the production process. In addition, the correct equipment design and reasonable selection can reliably detect and eliminate any metal particles entering the production process to a greater extent.

Shanghai Shigan specially designed and developed the M800 digital metal detector for applications with high requirements and high standards for metal detection. The machine has high detection accuracy, good waterproof performance, stability and reliability, and can detect all metals mixed in packaging and bulk products. Foreign matter (including iron, copper, aluminum, lead, stainless steel and other metals), the internal system is equipped with an intelligent operating system, with multiple databases (product database, inspection record database, etc.), real-time recording of inspection data, achieving traceability requirements, and supporting U Disk data is exported, and the test data can be printed in real time after the device is connected to the printer. The metal detector has an automatic product identification function and has a strong ability to inhibit product effects. It can be easily integrated into the existing pipeline system by using quick release clamps.Any OEM and customer design orders are welcome! If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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