How to solve common faults of automatic weighing labeling machine?

2021-06-11 16:29:01

Automation equipment has developed rapidly in recent years, and the industries used are also very diversified. In many aspects, it has brought people more convenient and efficient working methods and reduced the burden of labor. Today I will introduce the automatic weighing labeling machine. Do you know how to solve common faults of automatic weighing labeling machine? The following related information will be introduced in detail by Shanghai Shigan Co., Ltd.


What are the common faults and solutions of automatic checkweigher and labeling machines? The labeling position of mechanical equipment is unstable. What causes this problem? How do we solve it?

Usually, the reason for this failure is that the belt pressing device may not be pressed tightly, resulting in loosening of the standard belt and inaccurate detection by the electric eye. If it is caused by this reason, we only need to press the belt pressing device of the dynamic weighing labeling machine. The traction mechanism is slipping or not pressed tightly, resulting in the inability to remove the bottom paper smoothly, causing the label length to be different, which is also a cause of unstable labeling position.

How can we solve the unstable labeling position caused by this reason?

Since the traction mechanism is slipping or not compressed, then we naturally adjust the traction mechanism to a normal state. The mismatch of the labeling speed and the conveying speed and the improper inclination of the pressing brush at the stripping board are also the reasons for the unstable labeling position of the online checkweigher and labeling machine. The solution is also very simple. In the former, we only need to adjust the label delivery speed and conveying speed to a suitable level. In the latter, when the label is sent out, the label can be close to the brush to make the label sending angle consistent.

Let's take a look at the labeling quality of the high speed weighing labeling machine is not good, there are bubbles or wrinkles, what should I do? There are several reasons for this phenomenon, they are:

1. The labeling wheel may not be parallel to the surface to be laminated, just adjust the labeling wheel;

2. The delivery speed, delivery speed, and overriding speed are not matched. Most of the delivery speeds are too fast. Re-adjust the delivery speed or delivery speed;

3. The label strength is not enough, it is easy to wrinkle in the process of labeling or labeling;

4. The sticky product is dusty or unqualified or the label viscosity is not enough. Wipe the product or change the product and label.

In fact, when we use the automatic weighing and labeling machine, there will be no major problems. Usually there are some minor problems due to improper operation. We only need to know the corresponding method and solve it.

The above is the introduction about common troubleshooting methods of automatic weighing and labeling machines. If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us to answer in detail for you.

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