4g medicine powder package high-speed belt checkweigher with rejection-customer case

2021-06-15 16:27:33

This article recommends the common equipment high-speed belt checkweigher cases on the production line of Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. For the problem of missing and multiple packaging of boxed and bagged medicines, the pharmaceuticals checkweigher will solve the above problems. It will be allocated to the conveyor line and automatically weighed and rejected, which improves the product qualification rate and reduces labor costs.

[Customer Demand]

Improve product qualification rate, reduce labor costs, and enhance brand honor.

Test items: boxed food

The weight of the tested item: 4g

Accuracy requirement: ±0.05g

Demand detection speed: 100 pcs/min

[Checkweigher Solution]

The technicians of Shanghai Shigan Co., Ltd. determine the weight and size of the tested product with the customer. In-depth understanding of customer needs, tailor-made solutions for customers, due to customer needs, automatic rejection of unqualified products, automatic operation of the machine, and use of supporting conveyor lines.


4克药粉包 (1)实干.png

4克药粉包 (2)实干.png

4克药粉包 (3)实干.png

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