About common faults and solutions of conveyor belt metal detectors

2021-06-19 16:47:42

The conveyor belt metal detector is currently the primary detection instrument used to detect metal substances. Although the online metal detector is easy to use, it will also have some small problems in the process of using it. Now, Shanghai Shigan will introduce you the common faults and solutions of the instrument about metal detection machine, I hope it can be helpful to you.


1. Common failures of metal detectors

(1). False alarm of equipment

There are many reasons for the false alarm of the equipment

(1 Environmental disturbance, moving metal around or ground sensation, etc.

(2 The conveyor belt contains metal foreign matter, and the belt has not been cleaned after long-term use of the equipment

(3 Power supply disturbance, frequency conflict with other equipment on the production line or unstable power supply. Generally speaking, there are more problems with equipment false alarms and transportation.


Find a clean towel and a bottle of alcohol, pour the alcohol on the towel, and repeatedly scrub the front and back of the conveyor belt.

(2). No picture appears on the display screen

Solution: Check whether the 14P cable plug is loose at the lower right corner of the power supply board of the power box. If there is any looseness, plug it in tightly.

(3). Deviation of equipment conveyor belt

Solution: When the conveyor belt is off-track, first look for a hexagonal screw wrench and stand at the exit of the conveyor belt. There will be two hexagonal screws at both ends of the exit position. These two screws are used to adjust the conveyor belt's deviation. For conditioning applications, if the conveyor belt is shifted to the right, tighten the screw on the right side clockwise. For the same reason, if it is shifted to the left, tighten the screw on the left clockwise.

(4). After the equipment detects the metal, there is no response, and it will not be rejected or alarm.

Solution:Most of this situation is a setting problem. We first need to open the menu, find the product parameters, find the seventh photoelectric cell, click on the photoelectric cell to determine, and then click the status of the photoelectric cell to stop.

2. The adjustment method of the sensitivity of the metal detector

(1). If the detection interval does not meet the requirements of the regulations or the sensitivity is too high to cause instability or the human body is detected without metal and also announces noise or oscillation, the sensitivity should be adjusted.

(2). Put the sound and oscillation switch in the "release" state, and use a small flat-blade screwdriver to insert it from the small hole on the detector handle and turn it clockwise until it sounds, and then turn it counterclockwise to stop it. Then turn it counterclockwise for half a turn until the sensitivity meets the requirements. For such an active metal detector, you must first understand its programming process to adjust the sensitivity. Different machines have different ways of adjusting sensitivity. First, you have to explain the brand and type of the machine you are using. The conditioning of each model is different. You can contact the manufacturer at any time to let professionals debug the machine.

Shanghai Shigan is a professional metal detector manufacturer with rich experience.If you have any questions about machine,welcom to contact me!

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