Boxed alcohol dough sheet missing parts and underweight checkweigher-customer case

2021-07-01 16:46:06

[Test Products]

Daily necessities, alcohol cotton pads, wet wipes, and paper testing. Whether the boxed products are missing parts.

[Customer requirements]

Overweight and underweight unqualified products are 100% eliminated

[Recommended online checkweigher parameters]

After communicating with the customer, determine the specifications of the checkweigher as follows:

Weighing range: 0-300g

Resolution: ±0.1g

Maximum speed (pieces/minute): 200 boxes/minute

Weighing belt width (mm): customized according to the customer's actual check-weighing product size

Transmission height: height 83cm adjustable

[Features of Online Checkweigher]

High precision: online checkweigher use imported high-speed weighing module and weight sensor to ensure detection accuracy

Simple structure: The whole machine is made of stainless steel. The structure is simple and easy to maintain and maintain. It conforms to GMP and HACCP specifications.

Convenient operation: Schneider touch screen is used for simple operation, intuitive display and support for multiple languages (default Chinese and English)

Convenient external connection: It can be connected to other equipment in the production line, such as printer labeling machine and inkjet printer, etc.

Wide range of uses: for the weight detection of bagged filling products, a variety of rejection methods can be selected (dial lever type, air blowing type, push can type, etc.

Automatic feedback function: automatic check weight machine can feed back the packaging accuracy to the front-end equipment signal in time to adjust the feeding status of the connected equipment

[Live photo]

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