Common Faults And Solutions For Conveyor Belt Food Metal Detector Machines

2022-10-22 13:44:45

Common Faults And Solutions For Conveyor Belt Food Metal Detector Machines

At present, many domestic equipment manufacturers are optimistic about the market potential of food metal detector machines, which mainly benefit from customers' increasing importance to food safety. Many customers will encounter some common problems when using food automatic metal detectors. Below, let's briefly introduce 4 problems often encountered by food metal detection machines.

food automatic metal detector

1. Failure to alert device

There are roughly four reasons for the failure of the alarm device, which is investigated one by one.

① Move with metal objects around the device.

② Floor vibration causes.

③ The conveyor belt is contaminated and contains metal substances. It has not been washed and maintained for a long time.

④ Unstable voltage can also cause alarm device failure.

Solution: According to the experience of Shanghai Shigan for many years, the chance of alarm failure of more than 80%is because the conveyor belt has not been cleaned for a long time, so it is very important to check and maintain the conveyor belt every day.

2. LED display black screen, but the equipment is normal

Solution: There is a 14P plug in the power box to check whether it is loose.

3. The conveyor belt runs a partial failure

Solution: The conveyor belt is prone to running bias during use, so there is a device that specializes in running off at the exit of the conveyor belt: two hexagonal screws, you can adjust according to the running situation. Rotate the left screw on the left, and turn the screw on the right.

4. Do not eliminate metal pollution without alert

Solution: If this failure occurs, there is a problem with the setting of the device. Find the product parameter through the LED touch screen, find the optoelectronic pipe option, and click on the option to have a click to determine, and then click to the stop.

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