Why the accuracy of the dynamic checkweigher is so variable?

2021-01-14 15:10:59

The dynamic checkweigher is a checkweighing device installed on the production line. The dynamic checkweigher has a wide range of applications. Generally, as long as the quality of products can be identified by weight, the weight sorting checkweigher can also be used for weighing and identification in the production process. For example, the overweight and underweight in the food processing industry are identified by weighing to identify whether they contain sundries; the packaging of toothpaste and laundry detergent in daily chemical companies; the manufacturing industry uses weighing to check for missing parts, etc., such examples are numerous number.

Because the dynamic checkweigher has a wide range of use, the weight varies greatly. Examples include cakes and televisions. At this time, the dynamic checkweighers used to weigh different products are different. For lighter and heavier products, the accuracy of the dynamic checkweigher used by them is different.


Lighter products have higher requirements for dynamic checkweighers. Because their weight is relatively light, if the accuracy is low, the difference between overweight and underweight cannot be accurately weighed, and it is impossible to distinguish whether they contain impurities. As for the heavier products, the requirements for the accuracy of the dynamic checkweigher are not too high. There is a big difference between qualified and unqualified products, which can be clearly distinguished by a weighing instrument of general accuracy. For small products such as toothpaste, the accuracy of the dynamic checkweigher can reach ±1 gram. The accuracy of the dynamic checkweigher used for lighter food can even reach the milligram level.

So even if they are all dynamic checkweighers, their accuracy is not uniform. According to different products and different requirements, the accuracy of the dynamic checkweigher varies greatly. Just like different types of belt scales, the accuracy it can achieve is also different. The two can be understood by analogy.

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