Online Customized Checkweigher for 50 kg flour-customer site

2021-01-21 15:14:03

【Customer Background】

A flour mill in Singapore, the main business: processing, production of flour, etc.

【Client Needs】

Weighing range: 20-60kg

Accuracy: ±20g

Speed: 40-60 pcs/min

Optional accessories: with feedback control, three-color automatic warning light


According to the needs of customers, our engineers install optional accessories on the basis of our company's SG-550, redesign the scale size according to the actual production space, and finally perfectly integrate into the customer's production line.

【Inspection Site】

0 - 2020-11-06T082627.987.jpg

0 - 2020-11-06T082633.332.jpg

0 - 2020-11-06T082643.339.jpg

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