Basic Methods and Requirements for Ensuring The Accuracy of Dynamic Checkweighers

2022-03-24 14:22:55

1.Accuracy is guaranteed by ensuring the passing state of the tested product.

Due to the diversity of the tested products, the state of the tested objects passing through the weighing part of the dynamic checkweigher has a great influence on the accuracy of the checkweigher. Before a batch of detected objects passes through the checkweigher, there is a process of being equidistantly separated, and the distance is as large as a certain value. To ensure that the next product can touch the weighing table after the previous product completely leaves the weighing table, that is to say, to ensure that only one detected object enters the weighing table at a time. This can increase the conveying speed of the online check weighing machine, form a speed difference with the previous conveying equipment, increase the distance between products to a certain extent, and ensure the weighing requirements of the checkweigher.


2.The stability of the tested product on the weighing table is also an important factor affecting the accuracy.

When the inspected product enters the weighing section through the introduction conveyor, a smooth transition is guaranteed. First of all, the speed of the introduction conveyor should be adjusted to be the same as the speed of the weighing table conveyor, and the speed difference should be reduced as small as possible to ensure that the tested products can transition smoothly when passing through the connecting position. In addition, due to the various shapes of the detected objects, if the center of gravity is too high or the area of the bottom contacting the table is too small, it may tilt, jump, etc. when passing through the connection position, causing the weighing table to vibrate and affect the accuracy. In this case, transition devices, such as transition slides, ball transition plates, etc., can be added at the connecting position of the conveyor.


3.Another important factor that affects the accuracy of a dynamic checkweigher is the conveying speed of the product being inspected.

From the perspective of production operations, in order to improve production efficiency, it is always desirable to speed up the production line as much as possible. However, for dynamic automatic checkweighers, the contradiction between speed and accuracy has always existed. The faster the speed, the more difficult it is to guarantee the accuracy. The residence time (effective weighing time) of the tested product in the weighing part should reach a certain length, and this time meets the requirements of the instrument controller for the number of sampling points of the load cell signal. If the signal sampling time is too short and the number of sampling points is too low, the instrument controller cannot calculate the precise arithmetic mean value, and thus cannot guarantee the accuracy of the weighing result. It is possible to reduce the conveying speed appropriately, or appropriately increase the length of the weighing table within the allowable range, and increase the weighing time to ensure that the requirements for the low number of sampling points of the instrument controller are met. To a certain extent, the weighing accuracy is guaranteed.

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