How to improve the performance of a inline checkweigher machine?

2021-12-27 15:11:23

Only when the zero point of the inline checkweigher machine is stable can the accuracy of the checkweighing be ensured. In the production, it is found that if the sensor mounting seat and the shield mounting surface are deformed and cannot be completely matched and fit, it is easy to cause zero point drift. In view of this problem, analyze the reasons, improve the process, and change the mounting surface of the load cell to post-weld processing. At the same time, the mounting seat and the base should be matched in the early stage of assembly to find the problem in time and deal with it in time.

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The production of high speed high precision checkweigher components requires high precision. In the early stages of manufacturing, due to the inaccurate grasp of the key dimensions, the checkweighing performance of the automatic checkweigher was unstable, which hindered the development of the checkweigher. According to the problems reported by foreign customers, analyze the defects in the production, start with the process technology, analyze the factors affecting the production accuracy in the production process, control the key dimensions of the product parts, and gradually realize the stability of the product checkweighing performance.

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While strengthening the practical functions, the appearance quality of the product also tends to be perfect. The belt conveyor pallet and the pallet bracket are matched with each other, and they are required to be flush and anastomose. In the actual production of the belt pallet, first consider the cooperation with the bracket, and solve the problem of matching the two before assembly. The milling cutter marks on the surface of the pallet bracket are obvious, which affects the appearance. In practice, a process is added to wire the outer surface, which is both beautiful and coordinated with the appearance of the belt pallet.

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