Congratulations to the new website of Shanghai Shigan Co., Ltd.

Congratulations to Shanghai Shigan Co., Ltd. on the official launch of another new website! The last version of the website has been online for more than four or five years. In order to adapt to the browsing habits of the majority of netizens, we started from the layout design, humanized functions, and mobile phone experience to greatly enhance the customer experience.

Shanghai Shigan Co., Ltd. New Year's Day holiday notice

The annual New Year's Day is here, thank you to the company's new and old customers for their continued support and trust in us. According to the notice of the relevant national departments on the holiday arrangements in 2020

What problems should be paid attention to when transporting high precision checkweighers?

What problems should be paid attention to when transporting high precision checkweighers?Some customers are worried about damage to the delivered goods when they are shipped. What should we do if we do not guarantee the warranty.

Shanghai Shigan wishes you a Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming soon, Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. wishes all new and old customers a happy holiday!

The online checkweigher ordered by a customer in Los Angeles, USA has been shipped

The online checkweigher ordered by a customer in Los Angeles, USA has been shipped

Shanghai Shigan's quality has won the trust of customers-After the transaction

Recently, a customer signed an order contract with Shanghai Shigan.

An extraordinary 2020 in Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,. Ltd

In a blink of an eye, there is only one month left in 2020. The new crown pneumonia at the beginning of the year swept the country. Fortunately, the epidemic was controlled in time. 

What is the difference between online checkweigher and automatic weighing sorter?

Online checkweigher and automatic sorting machine are online component testing equipment. Although they are not the same product, their weighing principles are similar. 

Shanghai Shigan destroy unqualified online checkweigher

Shanghai Shigan destroy unqualified online checkweigher

Good News:10th anniversary celebration of Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co.,ltd are coming!

Shanghai Shigan industrial Co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production, design, installation, sales and after-sales service of checkweigher products.In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. , we will hold a big activity, which will bring great discounts to our customer!

How to select check weight machine for fragile products?

In the process of manufacturing, many finished or semi-finished products are fragile and easily damaged.When the automatic weighing machine and weight sorting machine are used for online dynamic weight detection of fragile products, what is the most suitable way to adopt?

Our Main Products-Shanghai Shigan

Shanghai Shigan industrial Co., LTD. Is a powerful manufacturer of inspection weigher, with decades of experience in design and production of inspection weigher, the quality is guaranteed.

How to choose automatic online check weigher manufacturers?

The enterprises that have used automatic online check weigher know that its high precision and fast speed can never be achieved by manual weighing, and the cost is far lower than manual weighing.At present, the production of automatic online check weigher manufacturers are increasing, the price in the market is uneven, there are lower prices to mislead customers, it is possible to buy a substandard automatic check weigher.How to choose the manufacturer of automatic online check weigher?

The sorting scale can help you solve the problem of missing and less loading on the product line

In order to solve this problem, the quality control department formulates simple and reasonable production standards, strictly in accordance with the sampling standards for testing, but this phenomenon is still inevitable.Seeing one complaint after another about faulty packing really makes the manufacturer miserable.

About common faults and solutions of conveyor belt metal detectors

The conveyor belt metal detector is currently the primary detection instrument used to detect metal substances. Although the online metal detector is easy to use, it will also have some small problems in the process of using it. Now, Shanghai Shigan will introduce you the common faults and solutions of the instrument about metal detection machine, I hope it can be helpful to you.

Common mistakes and solutions of metal detection machines in pharmaceutical industry(1)

When the drug manufacturer actually USES the drug metal detection machine, the quality control department of the drug manufacturer does not require, or the operator does not fulfill the relevant regulations formulated by the company, and the drug metal detection machine does not carry out periodic detection performance (sensitivity) state during its operation.

Do you know the characteristics of the pharmaceutical metal detection machine?

The metal detection machine directly sold by Shanghai Shigan factory is used to remove magnetic or non-magnetic metal impurities (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) in food, medicine, daily necessities, etc.On - line testing, after the detection of metal, the rejection valve will be contaminated material removed into the waste bin, has a high sensitivity.The metal detection machine with automatic product identification function, has a strong ability to inhibit product effect, the use of quick clip can be easily integrated into the existing pipeline system.

What benefits can automatic online check weigher bring to enterprises?

Why do many enterprises choose to use automatic online check weighers?What benefits can automatic online check weigher bring to enterprises? Today we will look at the benefits that automatic online check weigher can bring to enterprises.