3g small bag packaging air-sweeping type high accuracy checkweigher using site

2021-01-29 12:00:24

1. Typical application of checkweigher

Applicable to: product shortage detection in food, medicine, daily chemical, electronics, machinery, printing and other industries. Automatically check whether the weight of the packaged product is qualified, and the unqualified product will be rejected by the sorting organization.

2. Customer requirements

Test products: 1-10 bags of pills/granule tablets

Accuracy requirements: ±0.2g

Speed requirement: 250 pcs/min

Machine size: L:1000mm W:750mm H:800mm

3. Overview of high-precision checkweigher operation

The weight sorting checkweigher adopts continuous dynamic automatic weighing method to detect the weight of items, and is equipped with an automatic rejection mechanism to realize high-speed and high-precision weight detection and sorting on the assembly line. High accuracy checkweigher is suitable for checking the shortage of finished products in the small packaging industry. The unique design of mechanical structure and operation interface is very convenient for user operation and data management statistics. When in use, the operator only needs to simply set the upper and lower limits of the inspected items and press the [Start] button, the system will enter a fully automatic working state, qualified products will pass, and unqualified products will be automatically rejected. At the same time, the quantity, speed, weight, product information and other information are fully displayed on the man-machine interface. The machine is used for packaging inspection, so as to realize the full inspection of the product and leave the factory, while also achieving the effect of saving labor.

Pictures of dynamic online checkweigher

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0 - 2020-10-30T082730.573.jpg

0 - 2020-10-30T082737.638.jpg

0 - 2020-10-30T082747.060.jpg

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