High precision checkweigher for health products -customer using site

2021-02-02 11:48:04

After repeated discussions between the two parties, the customer finally chose the Shanghai Shigan high precision checkweigher, and now the Shanghai Shigan checkweigher has been perfectly embedded in the bottled health product production line!

Case process:

1.After the product is packed by the cartoner and sealed by the cartoner, it is transported to the "high precision checkweigher for health products"

2.The product enters the "acceleration section" of the online checkweigher (the distance between the products will be stretched, and Sorting irregular products)

3.The product enters the "weighing section" of the checkweigher (the weighing system quickly detects the weight of the product; and immediately determines whether the product weight is within the target weight range)

4.The product enters the checkweigher "Reject section" (accurately reject unqualified products to the unqualified area)

In addition to checkweighing, the checkweigher can also set multiple weight intervals for products, and weigh and sort each product individually into a designated category or weight interval.

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