Continuous online food check weighing machine checkweigher- customer case

2021-03-05 15:45:33

A food processing factory in Vietnam recently saw the Shanghai Shigan production continuous food check weighing machine on the Internet, which can directly replace manual weighing through automatic weighing and sorting of product weights, so as to improve production efficiency, improve accuracy and The purpose of reducing labor and cost. After further in-depth understanding of product functions and requirements, it was decided to purchase Shanghai Shigan's checkweigher for food industry.

Why buy a weighing checkweigher machine?

Product advantages:

The online automatic checkweigher is mainly used for sorting specifications or grades by weight for small packages of dry goods. It is suitable for dynamic weighing of sea salt in the production of enterprise assembly line products, product quality and weight inspection, and is dedicated to the inspection of missing parts and missing accessories in the whole product box. Etc., equipped with automatic sorting equipment for rejecting unqualified processing.

Checkweigher site work picture




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