Air-blowing multi-stage checkweigher online sorting-customer case

2021-03-09 15:16:07

The air-blowing multi-stage checkweigher produced and sold by Shanghai Shigan can be used to automatically classify the weight of the production line and continuous packaging line. Online sorting checkweigher is suitable for seafood, livestock and poultry, aquatic products, frozen food, etc. The weight sorting scale adopts a digital weighing unit to achieve high speed , stable measurement.

Introduction of online sorting multi-stage checkweigher:

1.Replace manual sorting to save cost and increase rate

2.Replace manual sorting with a weight sorting scale, reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and optimize production processes.

3.Eliminate mechanism and multiple weight intervals, support 8 optional weight intervals

4.Provide a variety of high-speed rejection mechanisms to meet the rejection of various products and production speeds.

Picturers of multi-stage checkweigher

1614993491492 (1).jpg


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