Where should we check before using automatic check weigher?

2020-08-08 14:20:48

Automatic check weigher as known as online checking and weighing scales,checkweigher, weighing machine,weighr checker and etc.

Today, I'm going to share some knowledge about automatic check weigher.Do you know about this automatic check weigher?If you are not sure, you can click the link to view the product information about the automatic check weigher.As for what needs to be done before using the automatic check weigher, this question seems small, but it cannot be ignored. We should strive to do a good job in every detail to ensure that the online check weigher can be used for a long time.


Before using the automatic check weigher, we should do the following:

1.Contact parts: confirm that there is no contact between the front and rear conveyor.

2.Setting parameters: Confirm whether the standard value, upper limit and lower limit are set correctly.

3.Measurement accuracy: transmit the same measurement more than 20 times from the auxiliary conveyor belt to confirm whether the fluctuation is large.

4.Verification of test range: only send the main product, then upload the test strip to the main product to confirm "no test" and "test" respectively.

5.Remove action, confirm correct remove normal, heavy and light products.

6.The above information has sorted out the areas that we need to check before using the online check weigher.

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