How to improve online automatic check weighing machine function?

2020-08-08 11:50:49

Check weighing machine as knowm as online checkweigher,weighing machine,automatic sorting scale,weight inspector,weight rejector and so on.

As the mature product of our Shanghai Shigan Industrail Co., LTD, the online automatic check weighing machine has improved continuously from the initial stage to the present stable promotion, which has been accumulated and explored repeatedly for several years.In the process of continuous improvement and perfection of products, personnel from relevant departments such as design, production and inspection have made great efforts.


The zero point stability of the online checking weigher can ensure the checking precision.In the production, it is found that if the deformation of the sensor mounting seat and the mounting surface of the shield cannot be completed, it is easy to cause zero drift.To solve this problem, the reason was analyzed, and the process was improved. The mounting surface of the weighing sensor was changed to post-welding processing. Meanwhile, the mounting seat and base were coordinated well in the early stage of assembly, so as to find problems and deal with them timely.

High precision is required for the production of automatic weighing scale parts.In the early stage of manufacturing, due to the inaccurate grasp of the key size, the performance of the check weigher is unstable, which hinders the development of the check weigher.Based on the problems reported by foreign customers, this paper analyzes the defects in the production process, analyzes the factors affecting the production accuracy in the production process from the perspective of technology, controls the key dimensions of product parts and components, and gradually realizes the stability of product weight inspection performance.

At the same time of strengthening the practical function, the appearance quality of the product also tends to improve synchronously.The belt conveyor supporting plate and the supporting plate bracket shall cooperate with each other, which requires a flat and even match. In the actual production of the belt supporting plate, the cooperation with the bracket shall be considered first, and the problem of coordination between the two shall be solved before assembly.The appearance of the supporting plate bracket is marked with milling cutter marks, which affects the appearance. In practice, add a procedure to make the outer surface brushed again, which is both beautiful and coordinated with the appearance of the belt supporting plate.The above information gives you a detailed introduction about how to improve their own functions, if you want to know more about the detailed information about the check weigher welcome!Thank you for your great support!

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