What is the difference between online checkweigher and automatic weighing sorter?

2020-11-30 15:02:28

Online checkweigher and automatic sorting machine are online component testing equipment. Although they are not the same product, their weighing principles are similar. They are all based on the data obtained after weighing, and then the products are rejected or classified. The difference is that after the online checkweigher obtains the component quality data through weighing, it will automatically reject the unqualified products or stop the alarm, while the automatic sorting machine will sort the products with different component qualities into the corresponding Area to facilitate the next step of assembly line production. Different quality products can be set within a certain quality range and placed separately, without any unqualified products being rejected.


The online check weight machine can dynamically check the weight of the product on the production line at high speed, accurately detect the unqualified products in the continuous production line, and whether there are missing parts in the product packaging. It has the function of rejection and alarm, and can be based on user needs Tailor-made and flexible. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical, battery, hardware accessories, electronics, plastics and other industries.

The automatic sorter classifies weighed products according to different weight ranges. Set a weighing range for products of different weights to distinguish their sizes, which is convenient for customers to sell or process. It is widely used in aquatic products, poultry/meat products, industrial products and other industries.


What aspects need to be considered when choosing an online checkweigher:

1. According to the different products to be inspected, there are a variety of rejection methods to choose from, including flipping, pushing, falling, lever, and air blowing. Selection of weighing range: The customer chooses according to the weight of the inspected item.

2. In principle, the accuracy of the online checkweigher should be determined according to the requirements of the production process.

3. The speed of the online checkweigher is related to the detection accuracy. Generally speaking, if the detection accuracy is high, the detection speed will be lower. If the detection accuracy is low, the detection speed can be higher.

Shanghai Shigan is a manufacturer specializing in the production of checkweighers. The online checkweighers we produce are online weight testing equipment specially designed for automatic packaging lines. They are widely used in food, medicine, consumables and other industries, and are suitable for packaging products. Weight detection can automatically eliminate overweight and underweight products to ensure quality compliance. After matching the sorting device in the latter stage, it can realize the multi-stage sorting and classification of products of different weights. All product sorting parameters can be set freely, and automatic sorting can be realized according to your needs. If you have any requirements, please contact us!

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