What are the advantages of choosing a dynamic conveyor belt checkweigher in the pharmaceutical industry?

2021-07-07 16:34:18

Now the domestic demand for medicine quality is increasing day by day, and everyone has always been concerned about medicine quality, which is related to our health. With the gradual expansion of scale production, the pharmaceutical industry will face the problem of labor inefficiency! Shanghai Shigan's dynamic checkweigher has brought solutions to the vast pharmaceutical industry. It is not the original manual weighing one by one, but an automatic check weigher at the end of the assembly line. It realizes automatic weighing to eliminate defective products, and 100% of unqualified products are eliminated, which effectively improves the quality of products and enhances the company's image.


Dynamic belt checkweigher for pharmaceutical industry

Weighing method: German HBM weighing sensor

Equipment alias: automatic checkweighing machine, weighing and rejecting machine

Check weight range: 2-300g;

Check weighing speed: 300 pcs/min (customizable);

Check weighing accuracy: ±0.5g;

Belt speed: 0- 80 m/min

Rejection device: push rod/dial rod optional

Voltage requirement: 220V±20%, 50Hz

Standard non-standard: support non-standard equipment customization requirements

Operation display: 7/10 inch Chinese and English touch screen interface

       Conveyor belt automatic checkweigher is a kind of equipment that can automatically detect whether the weight is qualified when the belt is running at high speed; it is a high-efficiency, high-precision online checkweighing equipment, which can be integrated in various packaging line terminals and conveying systems. The checkweigher with rejection system is mainly used to check whether the product weight is qualified or not, whether there are missing parts or instructions in the package, etc. Dynamic checkweighers are widely used in the production and packaging processes of food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, chemicals, warehousing and logistics, electronics and light industry, packaging and printing, auto parts and hardware, plastic toys, agricultural and sideline products and other industries.

Shanghai Shigan is a professional checkweigher manufacturer,with rmore than 11 years experience.We support ODM/OEM customization, tailor-made for your production line, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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