Canned side labeling automatic weighing labeling machine customer case

2021-07-20 16:04:10

This canned weighing labeling machine system provides unlimited possibilities for customers in the daily necessities manufacturing industry to meet production needs now and in the future. The system is also quite outstanding in its flexibility, durability and easy maintenance design. After many comparisons, the customer finally chose our automatic weighing and labeling machine.We will never disappoint our customers.

Main Advantages of weighing labeling machine

1. The labeling machine is durable: the moving guide rod of the labeling head adopts double rods and ball bearings, so the high precision of the labeling and the durability of the labeling machine are guaranteed.

2. Suitable for barcode printing and labeling of products of different heights: through the automatic induction adjustment control of the cylinder stroke, the sato labeling machine can easily automatically label products of different heights. It can be pasted on the bottom, side, arc surface. The load cell adopts German HBM.

3. Easy to adjust: Adjust the gap between the labeling head and the edge of the spit out label by adjusting the four screws. Use the TEST mode to adjust the keyboard with one key to optimize the entire printing and labeling process.

4. Pre-labeling button: This button can test the labeling process. Press the button once to print the label and attach it to the labeling head, and then press the button to label it.

5. Compressed air unit: Installed on the side of the printer, through adjusting the valve to ensure the quality of labeling, the flow rate is less than 2CFM.

6. High flexibility: The labeling method can be selected according to the characteristics of the product. Blowing labeling can label arc-shaped and irregular-shaped products.

7. Strong real-time: Bar code sticky notes, the content can get data from the company's ERP system and weighing system to print instantly. Available label size range: length 9mm-200mm, width 9mm-176mm

8. Open signal transmission system: USB keyboard and barcode scanner can be connected

9. The label paper quality can be selected according to the needs.

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