Weighing modular high accuracy checkweigher

Weighing modular high accuracy check weigher,it is mainly used for the quality inspection and classification of products on the automatic assembly line, and can also be used for the inspection of multiple and missing parts after product packaging.It can also replace manual weighing to improve production efficiency, consistency and reliability of weighing.

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Place of Origin:Shanghai,China                                             Brand Name:SHIGAN

Model Number:SG-D220                                                        Power Supply: 110-220V(AC)±10%50HZ

Display Type:LCD                                                                 Product name:Weighing modular high accuracy checkweigher

Material:SUS304                                                                   Certificate:CE ROHS

Accuracy:±0.2g depending on the product                               Belt Speed:0-60m/min

Customized:Accept                                                              Speed:100 pcs/min

Function:Check weighing                                                        Warranty:12 mouth

Size:L:200 W: 150 H:3-200mm up                                            Gross weight:60kg+44kg

Supply Ability:

Supply Ability:               30 Set/Sets per Month check weigher

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details      Automatic grain bags weighing scale check weigher with metal detector by wood case

Port                            Shanghai

Lead Time :

Quantity(Sets)1 - 1>1
Est. Time(days)20To be negotiated

Product Introduction

                                     Weighing modular high accuracy checkweigher

High accuracy checkweigher as know as online checkweigher,check weighing machine,sorting scale,weighing machine,weight checker,weight inspectoer and etc.

Shanghai Shigan industrial Co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production, design, installation, sales and after-sales service of checkweigher products.My conmpany products and selles high accuracy checkweigher  is mainly used for the quality inspection and classification of products on the automatic assembly line, and can also be used for the inspection of multiple and missing parts after product packaging.The check weight machine can also replace manual weighing to improve production efficiency, consistency and reliability of weighing.


Weighing Range
Products  Size
                        L:200        W: 150        H:3-200mm up
Weighing accuracy
Belt speed
                                          0-60 m/min
Highest speed
                                          100 pcs/min
Belt width
                                             220 mm
Gross weight
                                           60 kg+44kg
about 100w
Power supply
AC 110/220 V ±10% 50 HZ
 Main material
SU304 stainless steel


The products is suitable for testing the weight of a small single item whether is qualified or not.Automatically check if packing the finished weight range of qualified, and by sorting weed out unqualified products.

foods检重秤.png food检重秤.png

pharmaceutical检重秤.png mecial检重秤.png

Main Feature

1.Reinforced stainless steel frame, a comprehensive waterproof design

2.All contact parts are made of food grade materials to ensure that the product will not be contaminated

3.Using high-precision sensors, advanced high-speed digital signal processing technology

4.Dynamic weight automatic compensation technology, zero automatic analysis and tracking technology

5.100 product presets, easy product editing and storage

6.Fast product switching and automatic adjustment of the corresponding product sorting speed

7.USB mass storage, inspection records at any time access

8.Intuitive and easy to use man-machine interface to minimize operator training time and costs.

Product Detail

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多级细节4.webp.jpg 多级细节5.webp.jpg

Company & Fatory


Shanghai Shigan Industrial co., LTD. Is specialized in the r&d and manufacturing of automatic conveying equipment.After practice, has developed a mature variety of check weighingscale.



Customized process

(We accept kinds of customized and logo of all of our products for customers .)

OEM services are available with us, our professional designer would make your private idea into being.

Customer & Exhibition

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Now our products have been sold to more than 60 countries all over the world. Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is far ahead in the industry with its high quality products, low price and considerate after-sales service, which is deeply trusted and loved by consumers.

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Product Packaging

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1. Before packaged, the machines will be tested strictly to guarantee the stability and high accuracy.

2. After tested, the machines will be wrapped with plastic sheet and carefully packed in wooden cases.

HTB1RrW.KkKWBuNjy1zjq6AOypXah.jpg_.webp.jpg HTB1NYDmtGQoBKNjSZJnq6yw9VXaL.jpg


1.How to select check weight machine for fragile products?

(1).Selection of the rear segment sorting and removing device:Because the tested product itself is fragile and easy to be damaged, the three kinds of elimination and sorting methods, such as push rod, swing arm and dial rod, cannot be used when selecting the elimination device, which is not applicable in this case.

(2).Regulating the running speed of online inspection machine system..... More Information

2.The method to improve the measurement accuracy of online check weigher

In actual production, the application of online check weigher mainly includes the following aspects:(1) Determine whether the weight of the product is qualified, and automatically screen out defective products such as missing, overloading and missing parts;(2) Automatically grade packaged products according to weight;(3) Minimize excessive filling or packaging to save raw materials and production costs..... More Information

3.What are the purchasing skills of online digital check weigher?

(1).The first need to see the reaction speed of the online checkweigher display is sensitive, in the detection of the main function of the display is to detect the number of correlation.(2).When you buy the digital check weigher, you must carefully check whether the performance of the weighing scale is stable or not, because it is related to the accurate value of the automatic weighing machine in the later detection and also affects the use time of the check weigher...... More Information


                                     Weighing modular high accuracy checkweigher

12 Months Guarantee

★ 12 months free main parts change (Please return the damaged parts by airmail)

★ Overseas engineers available (You only have to pay part of the freight)


All our machines can be customized , according to your product's features and your workshop environment, or your production line.

After-sales Service Provided

Engineers availbale to provide after-sales service overseas in order to help customers solve technical problems.

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