The method to improve the measurement accuracy of online check weigher

2020-07-25 16:26:44

Online check weigher, also called weight detection machine, weight sorting scale, automatic check weigher, weight sorting machine and so on.It is a kind of equipment which can realize high speed and high precision weighing of packaging products under the dynamic operation of automatic production line and automatically sort the products according to the weighing results.The use of online check weighers has greatly improved product quality and optimized production processes, thus ensuring product quality, controlling costs, eliminating waste and increasing profits.


In actual production, the application of online check weigher mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) Determine whether the weight of the product is qualified, and automatically screen out defective products such as missing, overloading and missing parts;

(2) Automatically grade packaged products according to weight;

(3) Minimize excessive filling or packaging to save raw materials and production costs;

(4) Feedback the weight data of packaging products to achieve accurate control of the production line;

(5) Replace manual weighing to improve production efficiency and ensure consistency and reliability of product weighing data;

(6) It has the functions of counting stuffing, batch tracking and production data statistics.

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