The application of online automatic checking weigher with large range

2020-07-27 14:25:53

The application of online automatic checking weigher with large range

Checkweigher as known as check weighing machine,sorting scale,weighing machine,weight inspector,weight checker and etc.

Shanghai Shigan products and sell the online checkweigher is mainly used to detect whether the weight of products on the assembly line is qualified, and automatically eliminate unqualified products with the weight. The online automatic weigher of our company is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries, and the user's praise is constant!

1.It is used in the product packaging and processing process at the back end of the product line to detect whether the FCL products are missing parts, missing or overpacked.Such as:

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    (1).Detection of packaging process of bottled and filling products: detect whether FCL drinks, beer, filling water, etc., are missing or lacking.

    (2).Detect the weight of FCL products when packaged food, noodles and other products. Detect whether there is leakage or overloading in the packaging box.

    (3).Conduct packing test for household appliances and 3C digital products, and judge whether important accessories, such as power supply and connecting cord, are missing in the packing box.

2. It is mainly used with quantitative packing machine and quantitative filling machine to test whether the weight of large products is qualified.Such as:



    (1). Test the weight of products such as cooking oil and beer on draught

    (2).Testing of bottled paint, lubricating oil and other filling products

    (3).Check the weight of packaged rice noodles, packaged feed and other agricultural and animal husbandry products

    (4).Weight inspection of packaged products such as chemical fertilizer and chemical powder

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