What is the best partner for automatic check weigher?

2020-07-28 16:25:07

Automatic check weigher also called checkweigher,check weighing machine,sorting scale,weighing machine,weight checker,weight inspector and etc.

With the rapid development of automatic check weigher industry, automatic check weigher has become a special checkweigher for food, medicine and other enterprises to detect the weight of products online.This testing equipment not only ensures the accuracy of product weight, reduces the production waste caused by weight exceeding the standard value, but also improves the product's trust in the hearts of customers.


With the increase of the quantity and function of the automatic check weigher in the production process of the enterprise, the equipment is gradually transformed from the simple weight detection steering system to the integrated weight detection system.

1. Combination of automatic check weigher and metal detection machine

This combination is one of the commonly used combinations in food enterprises.In this system, the metal detecting machine is directly installed on the conveyor in front of the automatic checking weigher and shares an automatic eliminator with the automatic checking weigher, thus saving the input of equipment cost.At the same time, the metal detection machine is controlled by the control system provided by the screen of automatic weighing scale, so that the weight detection and metal detection are completed under the same control screen, which effectively reduces the repetitive operation and improves the work efficiency.

2. Combination of automatic checking weigher, code spraying machine and labeling machine

The combination of automatic inspection weigher and code spraying is especially suitable for meat production enterprises, while the combination of automatic inspection weigher and labeling machine is suitable for fast frozen food production of sliced meat products.Because the weight of meat products after cutting is different, the weight of the product can be directly printed on the product packaging or labels by combining the code spraying machine or labeling machine at the back end of the automatic inspection weigher, which can effectively reduce repeated operation and save packaging cost for enterprises.

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