Automatic food weight sorting scale, high precision weighing detection machine

The purchase of weight sorting scale, replace the traditional manual operation, do investment and operation activities in production, reduce labor costs, reduce wastage phenomenon, achieve automatic industrial production, improve production efficiency.

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Place of Origin:Shanghai,China                                             Brand Name:SHIGAN

Model Number:SG-220                                                          Power Supply:110-220V(AC)

Display Type:LCD                                                                 Product name:Automatic food weight sorting scale, high precision weighing detection machine

Material:SUS304                                                                    Certificate:CE ROHS

Color:Grey checkweigher                                                        Belt Speed:0-60m/min

Highest speed:100pcs/min                                                       Size:300(L)*220(W)*2-300(H)mm

Function:Checkweigher                                                           Warranty:1 year

Supply Ability:

Supply Ability:               25 Set/Sets per Month check weigher

Product Display

Automatic food weight sorting scale, high precision weighing detection machine,

Weight sorting scale as known as online checkweigher,weighing machine,sorting scale,check weighing machine,weight checker,weight inspector and etc.

Shigan with years of export experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, SHIGAN has won numerous customers' trust and support.The purchase of weight sorting scale, replace the traditional manual operation, do investment and operation activities in production, reduce labor costs, reduce wastage phenomenon, achieve automatic industrial production, improve production efficiency.


Company Strength


1.OEM Experiences above 7 Years In Belt Industry

2.Factory Manufacturing Enterprise Provide with you Competitive Price and superior quality

3. Have stable supply chain which can guarantee our product quality and prompt delivery

4. Strict QC process to guarantee quality.

5.Trial Order small quantity for retail and wholesale are accepted

6. Fully equipped with advanced machines and Experience workers

7.Sincere Service!(Effective pre-sale communication+Good after sale service )

8.Various equipment to supply your need


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Factory & Customers


Shanghai Shigan industrial Co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research and development, production, design, installation, sales and after-sales service of checkweighers, metal detection machines and other products.At the same time actively introduce domestic and foreign advanced technology innovation.And in view of the modern society to the checkweighers and other products of the technical requirements, in order to adapt to the high technology, high demand at the same time, the pursuit of the rationality and economy of the system, for the various industries to design, custom meet the customer requirements of the checkweighers and other products to meet the requirements of customers to improve work efficiency.

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Now our products have been sold to more than 60 countries all over the world. Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is far ahead in the industry with its high quality products, low price and considerate after-sales service, which is deeply trusted and loved by consumers.

Specification Parameter 



Weight sorting machine photos

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Weight sorting machine TYPE

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Main Functions

1.Strong versatility: the machine can complete weighing of various materials with standardized structure and standardized man-machine interface;

2.Easy to replace: can store a variety of formulas, easy to replace product specifications;

3.Simple operation: the use of Color man-machine interface, full intelligent, humanized design;

4.Easy to maintain: the conveyor belt is easy to disassemble, easy to install and maintain, easy to clean;

5.Adjustable speed: variable frequency motor is adopted, the speed can be adjusted according to needs;

6.High speed and high precision: adopt high precision digital sensor, sampling speed is fast, high precision;

7.Zero tracking: manual or automatic zero clearing, and dynamic zero tracking;

Packaging & After Sale Service

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1. Before packaged, the machines will be tested strictly to guarantee the stability and high accuracy.

2. After tested, the machines will be wrapped with plastic sheet and carefully packed in wooden cases.

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project design,performance introduction,technical agreement,contract signing,production testing and we can customized production according to your requirements.



we will provide you with the latest process in the product assembly,packing and transportation.



1.We provide videos and instruction manual to show the process of installation.

2.We provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3.We can send technician to buyer's factory to install the machine and provide training service.



1. For our machines, we will provide some spare parts and easy broken parts free of charge when delivering.

2.We will have one year free warranty period. During warranty period, if there is any malfunction for the machine, we will try our best to solve the problem within 24 hours. If there are some spare parts needed to be replaced, we will provide the spare parts for free. Beyond warranty, we will charge the cost price for spare  parts.                                                      

3.We provide technical support for our machines for life-long time. We can provide installation and maintenance service at your place if you need.


1.Will the online check weigher machine rust?

Shanghai Shigan can clearly tell you that in most cases, the online check weigher machine produced by our company will not rust.We choose the best 304 stainless steel as the main material, 360°full machine package.If you are still worried, we can also use SUS316 material, which has higher and stronger waterproof and anti-corrosion performance, as well as high temperature resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance....Read More

2.Select line weighing machine to avoid manual error

The assembly line weighing machine is equipped with high-precision weighing sensor, which ensures the detection accuracy of the machine, accurate and stable weighing, and has temperature and noise compensation system, no noise pollution, more stable operation of the machine, very suitable for assembly line production.....Read More

3.Is it important to use automatic checkweighers in the field of fresh fruits and vegetables?

-Of course it is!The checkweigher is responsible for supervising the packaging line to ensure that no underweight or overweight packages leave the factory.Because every technological product is designed to make people's life more convenient.The job of sorting fresh fruits and vegetables is extremely tiring.....Read More 


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