The automatic check weigher should be skid - proof before use

2020-08-26 11:37:29

Automatic check weigher as known as online checkweigher,check weighing machine,sorting scale,weight checkwer,weighing machine and so on.

Automatic check weigher is on the production line dynamic detection products of the weight of equipment, is a kind of non-standard customized equipment, on the basis of the weight of the product, the detection precision, detection speed per minute and tailored to the online checkweigher of heavy equipment, can quickly eliminate the unqualified products, to make enterprise product quality on the production line.Shanghai Shigan automatic check weigher can solve many quality problems on the production line, but also to do well in the use of equipment maintenance, and equipment smooth work in the equipment maintenance link is very important.

So, what needs to be done to smooth the automatic check weigher?Shanghai Shigan Co., LTD to explain for us, I hope we can do a good job in the use of online weighing machine smooth work.


1. Each mesh point and bearing position

These positions of the automatic check weigher need to be smooshed daily to ensure that they roll smoothly and that all parts work properly.

2. Reduction gear

The reducer is the core part of the automatic checking weigher, which needs to be maintained smoothly.Before the reducer starts, be sure to alter the smooth oil. It is strictly prohibited to begin the work without altering.In addition, the smooth oil of the reduction gear should be replaced regularly. If the working time exceeds 300 hours, the inner part of the reduction gear should be cleaned, and then the new oil should be replaced.

Pay attention to the movement when doing the smooth work of automatic check weigher, do not drop the smooth oil on or stick to the belt.The smooth oil on the belt will form the product to slip above, and the smooth oil will make the aging of the belt accelerated, the formation of harm.

The above is the smooth work of automatic check weigher and operational considerations, with the heavy equipment manufacturers must do a good job in this maintenance, if not operation, you can consult us.Shanghai Shigan Industrial co., LTD. Is specialized in the r&d and manufactures of automatic check weigher.

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