Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale
Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale
Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale
Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale
Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale
  • Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale
  • Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale
  • Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale
  • Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale
  • Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale

Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale


Type:       SG-D220

Port:Shanghai, China 

Production Capacity:3000pieces/Year

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram


Check Weight Range:1-300g

Application Area:Small Products Industry

Touch Screen:Touch Screen

Sorting Method:     Multistage Sorting



Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale

Products Introduce

Weight sorting scale also called online checkweigher,check weighing machine,sorting scale,weighing machine,weight classifier, weight sorting machine and so on.

Shanghai Shigan Industrial co., LTD. Is specialized in the r&d and manufacturing of automatic conveying equipment.After practice, has developed a mature variety of check weigher.As an independent automatic weight sorting scale, it can be integrated with the original production line or various feeding equipment, and can be divided according to the weight that meets the customer's requirements. In this way, the labor cost of sorting process can be reduced to the minimum and the production process can be optimized.One of the main features of the device is that it is based on a modular design to safely classify products up to 12 weight zones.

multistage sorting scale

Technical Specification

Type                                SG-D220

Weighing Range                10-1200g

Limited of product     L: 200  W:150  H: 3-200mm

Accuracy                  ±0.2 Depends on product

Division Scale                             0.1g

Belt Speed                       0- 60 m/min

Max Speed                      100 pcs/min

Belt Width                          220mm

Machine Weight                 60kg+44kg

Power Supply             AC 110/220V ±10% 50HZ

Power                                    100W

Main Material           SU304 stainless steel

Main Feature

1. Adopt 7/10 inch “Weilun “ touch screen, simple operation and intuitive display.

2 The weighing module adopts the German HBM brand. 

3.It can be set to store 100 kinds of product detection data to facilitate users to switch to use.

4.With empty package photoelectric automatic detector function;conveyor belt speed is adjustable, and with automatic learning function. 

5.The unique weighing frame structure ensures the stability of dynamic weighing data, and the weighing body is made of anti-vibration aerospace aluminum material to ensure that the machine operates in different environments. 

6.Automatic zero tracking system to ensure reliable detection data. 

7.The self-developed MCU system has a unique filtering algorithm to ensure the stability of the system. 

8.The mechanical structure is simple and the failure rate is low; Adopt button conveyor belt, which is convenient for disassembly, cleaning and maintenance.

9.Support customized multi-language, the default is Chinese and English. 

10. Support information transmission, such as RS485 RS232 Ethernet.

Picture Of The Real Object 

5664..jpg shigan-cheng多级600.webp.jpg

多级细节4.webp.jpg 多级细节5.webp.jpg

Brief Description



Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale


SG-D220 series weight sorter helps customers automatically classify products by weight, suitable for small products.For example:

dianchi.jpg 五金.jpg

Packaging & Delivery

15816578705431890.jpg 734228013707517900.jpg

576896563793146252.jpg HTB1NYDmtGQoBKNjSZJnq6yw9VXaL.jpg

Packing Detail:

☂ Each Machine with plastic film package first, then placed in a wooden case, wooden case with a foam 


✈ We loaded the truck with heavy trucks for loading the cargo to the harbor terminal.At the dock we    

    pack the goods in containers and ship them abroad.

Delivery Detail : 

☀ Shipped in 25 days after payment

Small product automatic weight sorting scale multistage sorting scale

Company & Service


1.OEM Experiences above 7 Years In Belt Industry

2.Factory Manufacturing Enterprise Provide with you Competitive Price and superior quality

3. Have stable supply chain which can guarantee our product quality and prompt delivery

4. Strict QC process to guarantee quality.

5.Trial Order small quantity for retail and wholesale are accepted

6. Fully equipped with advanced machines and Experience workers

7.Sincere Service!(Effective pre-sale communication+Good after sale service )

8.Various equipment to supply your need


Over the years, Shanghai hard work Industrial Co., Ltd. has been serving customers in the melt industry, after research, exploration, summed up a complete set of product and service support system to provide users with high quality and timely pre-sale, sale, after-sales service:

First, quality assurance

My business department to ensure that the equipment provided to customers is the original production, and factory information accessories complete. In order to maintain the normal operation and maintenance of the contracted equipment, the technical products provided by our department are complete, clear and correct.

Second, quality assurance measures

Warranty period: In the warranty period to provide on-site service.

Factory & Customers & Exbition


With years of export experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, SHIGAN has won numerous customers' trust and support.Now our products have been sold to more than 60 countries all over the world. Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is far ahead in the industry with its high quality products, low price and considerate after-sales service, which is deeply trusted and loved by consumers.

kehu.jpg 7ef3eadd-541b-404f-a2a4-5235fed2f422.png

公司外国人1.jpg HTB1372gSFXXXXawXXXXq6xXFXXXf.jpg_.jpg

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1.Are you manufacturer or trader? 

We are manufacturer and we are located in Shanghai,China.And we have our own design team for products design.

2.What's your main product and what is your main foreign market?

Our main products are Check ,Linear and Multihead Weigher, Packing Machine ,Metal Detector ,Floor and Truck scales . Our main foreign market are Asia, North America, Europe, Africa.

3.what are the advantages of your machines?And how can i believe the quality of your product?

Highest precision (a margin of error) of our products can achieve±0.05g and the highest speed can achieve 300pcs/min.Our electronic parts of equipment all adopt international famous brand.

For example,the switch is Germanic Schneider, Conveyor Belt is Swiss HABASIT,The relay is Japanese OMRON .Once tested as qualified .our machine would be sent out.So The quality of our product is stable and reliable.

4.What are your company requests of payment terms?

TT,L/C,Western Union,Money Gram,Paypal,International Credit Card.

5.What kind of Transportation could you provide?

And are you able to update the production process Information in time after placing our order?

Sea shipping, air Shipping, and international express. 

And after confirming your order ,we would keep you updated of production details of emails and photos.

6.Are you provide product metal parts and provide us technical guidance?

Wearing parts,for example, motor belt,Disassembly tool(free) are what we could provide.And we can give you technical guidance.Our technical staff can go abroad to provide you with technical guidance.

7.How long is your warranty?

12 months free warranty, life-long maintenance.

8.Do you accept customer Logo and customized ?

we accept kinds of customized and logo of all of our products for customers .


1.What are the purchasing skills of online digital check weigher?

(1).The first need to see the reaction speed of the online checkweigher display is sensitive, in the detection of the main function of the display is to detect the number of correlation.(2).When you buy the digital check weigher, you must carefully check whether the performance of the weighing scale is stable or not, because it is related to the accurate value of the automatic weighing machine in the later detection and also affects the use time of the check weigher.(3).Have a look at the performance of the digital check weigher, because in the process of force measurement, if corrosive substances will lead to the life of the automatic weighing machine, force measurement accuracy and other problems have a serious impact....Read More

2.Does the automatic weighing machine need to be preheated before use?

(1).When the automatic weighing machine is switched on and starts to work, its display screen is not energized. Generally, it needs to be warmed up for a while. (2).Because automatic weighing machine is a precision weighing equipment, the weighing scales and electronic check the electromagnetic measurement, related to the working principle of the main is the use of electromagnetic force bring balance back to balance, the flat in the preheating stage, internal temperature rise, after a series of changes inside, electronic check the balance of weight balance will only in the condition of use....Read More

3.What is the best partner for automatic check weigher?

(1).Combination of automatic check weigher and metal detection machine(2).Combination of automatic checking weigher, code spraying machine and labeling machine....Read More


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