50kg pharmaceutical digital conveyor belt checkweigher, automactic weighing machine

This series of conveyor belt checkweigher is a large-range weighing scale specially developed by our company for large-sized pharmaceutical packaging weighing scales. The maximum weight can be weighed and divided into 50kg products, and the speed can also reach 30 PCS /min.

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50kg pharmaceutical digital conveyor belt checkweigher, automactic weighing machine.

Conveyor belt checkweigher,as known as online check weigher,weighing machine,sorting scale,weight eliminator,weight sorting scale and so on.

This series of conveyor belt checkweigher is a large-range weighing scale specially developed by our company for large-sized pharmaceutical packaging weighing scales. The maximum weight can be weighed and divided into 50kg products, and the speed can also reach 30 PCS /min.For many large and medium pharmaceutical enterprises on the packaging production line to solve the problem of leakage less loading, improve product quality, enhance the corporate image.


Technical Specification


Conveyor belt checkweigher's advantages

1. Flexible modular design for easy integration into existing production lines:8 automatic weight sorting machine - weight sorting scale all parts have been installed when delivery, you only need to simply assemble the goods after you can use, and;The eight-stage automatic weight sorter covers a small area, so you hardly need to re-design the production line for a wide range of design.This minimizes downtime, reduces project completion time and significantly reduces costs.

2. Simple and easy-to-use touch screen man-machine interface: simple and intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen man-machine interface.The classification area configuration is simple and easy to operate, which can minimize operator training time and cost.

3. High quality guarantee: the high quality photoelectric sensor and weight sensor as well as the specially designed sorting device (accurate and timely controlled by the system) will gently sort your products to the correct level, thus minimizing the risk of damage to your products.

4. The sorting scale supports strict health standards and bad production environment: eight automatic weight sorting machine - the weight sorting scale is made of stainless steel structure and imported from Italy and conveyor belt, suitable for wet production environment, and in line with strict health standards, modular structure design to facilitate daily cleaning operation software functions


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The digital conveyor belt checkweigher mainly used in pharmaceutical industrial.Improve the product pass rate, reduce labor and production costs, your enterprise is the best choice!

Conveyor belt checkweigher's pictures

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Manufacturing Shop

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All the inspection scales of our company are produced and sold by ourselves, Shanghai Shigan is a reliable manufacturer, and this series of inspection scales can be customized to meet your different needs.

Customers & Service

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Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise incorporating technology, research development and processing and marketing. The company has years of experience in weighing areas. It provides customers with cost-effective checkweigher, multi-level screening scale and corresponding auxiliary devices with excellent design capability and complete process control. The quality of product is reliable and stable. Some products not only surpasses similar imported products, but also exports to all over the world. It is popular with the masses of users and dealers and gains praise from them.

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In order to recommend a suitable model to your company, please confirm the following product element information:

1.Product type, such as bags, bottles, boxes, etc.

2.Product dimensions (length, width and height). If there have multiple specifications, please list them or provide the maximum and minimum dimensions.

3.Product weight. If there have multiple specifications, please list or provide the maximum and minimum weight.

4. The speed requirements. whether it is passed at a uniform speed?

5.Accuracy requirements (how many grams of the upper and lower deviation is unqualified) or more than one less.

Other things to be verified are: the front and back docking equipment, the conveying direction, the height of the conveyor belt from the ground, the material of the product to be tested, and whether the unqualified product is automatically rejected. 

If you don’t know these requirements well, it doesn’t matter. Contact customer service, we will guide you to choose the right model.


Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of checkweigher equipment. Once the order is confirmed, a formal and effective contract must be signed to ensure the interests of both parties. The production cycle is generally 2-3 weeks. The wooden boxes are exported and there are multiple buffer devices to ensure that they will not be damaged during transportation. It is tested by professional quality inspection before leaving the factory, and the continuous test is not less than 100 times and 100% qualified to be considered as reaching the standard. Customers can also visit or remote video acceptance.

After sale:

After the equipment leaves the factory, someone will follow up the transportation process.

Packaging & Delivery

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Packing Detail:

☂ Each Machine with plastic film package first, then placed in a wooden case, wooden case with a foam 


✈ We loaded the truck with heavy trucks for loading the cargo to the harbor terminal.At the dock we    

    pack the goods in containers and ship them abroad.

Delivery Detail : 

☀ Shipped in 25 days after payment

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1.Are you manufacturer or trader? 

We are manufacturer and we are located in Shanghai,China.And we have our own design team for products design.

2.What's your main product and what is your main foreign market?

Our main products are Checkweigehers.Our main foreign market are Asia, North America, Europe, Africa.

3.What are the advantages of your machines?And how can i believe the quality of your product?

Highest precision (a margin of error) of our products can achieve±0.05g and the highest speed can achieve 300pcs/min.Our electronic parts of equipment all adopt international famous brand.

For example,the switch is Germanic Schneider, Conveyor Belt is Swiss HABASIT,The relay is Japanese OMRON .Once tested as qualified .our machine would be sent out.So The quality of our product is stable and reliable.

4.What are your company requests of payment terms?

TT,L/C,Western Union,Money Gram,Paypal,International Credit Card.

5.What kind of Transportation could you provide?

And are you able to update the production process Information in time after placing our order?

Sea shipping, air Shipping, and international express. And after confirming your order ,we would keep you updated of production details of emails and photos.

6.Are you provide product metal parts and provide us technical guidance?

Wearing parts,for example, motor belt,Disassembly tool(free) are what we could provide.And we can give you technical guidance.Our technical staff can go abroad to provide you with technical guidance.

7.How long is your warranty?

12 months free warranty, life-long maintenance.

8.Do you accept customer Logo and customized ?

we accept kinds of customized and logo of all of our products for customers 


1.Does the automatic weighing machine need to be preheated before use?

(1)When the automatic weighing machine is switched on and starts to work, its display screen is not energized. Generally, it needs to be warmed up for a while. The display screen can be opened for operation in order to get accurate measurement value.(2)Because automatic weighing machine is a precision weighing equipment, the weighing scales and electronic check the electromagnetic measurement, related to the working principle of the main is the use of electromagnetic force bring balance back to balance.... More Information

2.Have you ever encountered these common faults of dynamic checkweigher?

(1).The interface appearance of the checkweigher system is always zero. (2).Large fluctuation of data and abnormal fluctuation(3).The failure of the operation interface touch screen(4).Abnormal Data.... More Information

3.Calibration method of online weight sorting machine

Every products manufacturing enterprises has a standard weight, and error range, for enterprise automation production line, in the product weight test link, using online weight sorting machine, set the standard weight and the parameters of the error range, it can be sorting out the unqualified products, qualified products into the next process.The calibration of online weight sorting machine is an indispensable work in the process of use. Generally speaking, the calibration of weight sorter can be divided into three parts.... More Information

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