Have you ever encountered these common faults of dynamic checkweigher?

2020-07-09 21:24:55

Automation equipment for manufacturing enterprises to bring a lot of convenience, improve production efficiency, reduce the output of defective products.And dynamic check weigher power active production line, reduce labor costs for enterprises, in the product packaging process to deal with a variety of quality problems, such as overweight, underweight, lack of instructions, a few, etc., for the quality of production line escort!Online sorting weigher has been put into production line by enterprises in various fields, what problems will it encounter in the process of application?Here are four common problems and how to deal with them quickly.


1. The interface appearance of the checkweigher system is always zero. Possible reasons are as follows:

      (1)The object is light and its weight falls within the zero scale. It should be processed by setting the zero scale from scratch

      (2) The weighing device is traced to zero, which can be handled by adjusting the "active zero tracking" project in the system option. 3

2. Large fluctuation of data and abnormal fluctuation are possible reasons:

      (1) active weighing machine base screw loose

      (2) The weighing sensor is significantly interfered, such as air conditioning wind, air flow, etc

      (3) the ground shaking, oscillation, such as nearby machine rotation interference, car passing, etc

      (4) The conveyor belt is affected by viscous objects

      (5) Debris accumulates or gets stuck at the base of the weighing sensor

      (6) Filter coefficient setting is too small

3. The possible reasons for the failure of the operation interface touch screen are:

      (1) Poor power supply contact

      (2) The fuse in the case is blown out

      (3) The data cable becomes loose or falls off

4. Abnormal Data:

      (1) The error is too large, so the weighing machine system needs to be calibrated from scratch

      (2) If the product model is selected wrongly, click "Switch Product" from scratch to select the corresponding supporting product number

      (3) The ambient temperature exceeds the normal working scale of the weighing sensor

      (4) Aging or deformation of sensor components of weighing sensor

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