Several problems about using checkweigher in daily operation

Checkweigher is a high precision, fast weighing equipment, simple structure, clear reading, and easy to use, humanized design, can be a good substitute for manual weighing selection!It is mainly used for automatic packaging production line or logistics conveyor conveyor system in high speed, high precision weighing system, it can detect the continuous production line of the unqualified products, and products are classified according to the set and statistical functions. Used to test whether a single product weight and set goals, and by sorting device automatically weed out unqualified standard product.


Note for daily operation of inspection weigher:

1. Please check whether the detectors in each part are normal before daily production.

2. Before starting the machine, please check whether any abnormal situation occurs in all parts of the machine, or whether there are personnel or objects hindering the operation of the machine itself. If so, please remove or eliminate it.

3. The basic power supply of the weight separator is single-phase AC220V and 50HZ;Make sure to supply the power to avoid danger.

4. Non-trained personnel are not allowed to carry out maintenance at will. If maintenance is needed, please find trained professionals.

5, if the weight of the machine in the operation of the abnormal, in accordance with the normal operation instructions, according to the exclusion method in the instructions to exclude, do not stop and do not turn off the power supply is excluded abnormal.

6. Please pay attention to whether there is any abnormal sound during the operation of the weight selection machine.If any, please dispose of it to avoid damage to the mechanical equipment.

7. Daily routine cleaning and maintenance of the weight sorting machine should be carried out regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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