Calibration method of online weight sorting machine

2020-08-10 14:22:14

Online weight sorting machine as known as sorting machine,weighing machine,automatic checkweigher,checking and weigher scale,weight sorter and so on.

Every products manufacturing enterprises has a standard weight, and error range, for enterprise automation production line, in the product weight test link, using online weight sorting machine, set the standard weight and the parameters of the error range, it can be sorting out the unqualified products, qualified products into the next process.

The calibration of online weight sorting machine is an indispensable work in the process of use. Generally speaking, the calibration of weight sorter can be divided into two parts


Weighing preparation

When the product enters into the sorting scale, we first set the speed of the sorting scale. At this time, we will generally decide jointly according to the space of the product and the required speed.The purpose of this is to ensure that only one product can be placed on the scale during the sorting process.

The weighing process

When the product enters the sorting scale, the system of the sorting scale will identify the product to be detected to enter the weighing area according to the external signal, such as the photoelectric switch signal, or the internal level signal.Depending on the running speed of the sorting scale and the length of the conveyor, or on the level signal, the system can determine when the product leaves the sorting scale.From the moment the product enters the weighing platform to the moment it leaves the weighing platform, the weighing sensor will detect the signal shown in the figure below. The controller selects the signal of the signal stabilization agricultural area for processing, and then the weight of the product can be obtained.

Inspection process of heavy

When the controller of the sorting scale gets the weight signal of the product, the system of the sorting scale will be compared with the pre-set weight range to check the weight of the product. The heavy type of inspection will be different according to the different applications. There are mainly the following types:

1) Reject unqualified products,

2) Remove overweight and underweight separately, or transport them to different places

3) According to different weight range, divided into different weight categories

Generally speaking, the calibration method of the weight sorter is a very important and common control method in the quality management of the sorting scale. It is to detect the failure mode so as to prevent the defective products from flowing into the next link, hoping to bring help to everyone.And if you still have questions ,welcome to contact me!

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