Cheap online lipstick checkweigher, automatic sorting scale

Automatic checkweigher is designed for lipsticks.It is composed of weighing conveyor, controller and inlet and outlet material conveyor.The weight conveyor collects the weight signal and sends the weight signal to the controller for processing.The discharging conveyor is used to transport the tested product away from the weighing area.

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Place of Origin:Shanghai,China                                             Brand Name:SHIGAN

Model Number:SG-300                                                           Power Supply:110-220V(AC)

Display Type:LCD                                                                    Product name:Cheap online lipstick checkweigher, automatic sorting scale

Material:SUS304                                                                     Certificate:CE ROHS

Color:Grey checkweigher                                                         Belt Speed:0-60m/min

Weighing Scope:5-3000/5000g                                                 Size:450(L)*400(W)*350(H)

Function:Checkweigher                                                            Warranty:1 year

Supply Ability:

Supply Ability:               30 Set/Sets per Month check weigher

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details      Automatic grain bags weighing scale check weigher with metal detector by wood case

Port                            Shanghai

Lead Time          

Quantity(Sets)1 - 1>1
Est. Time(days)15To be negotiated


Automatic sorting scale as known as online checkweigher,check weighing machine,weighing machine,weight checker,weight inspector and etc.

Shanghai Shigan is a professional checkweigher manufactures.My company pruducts and sells cheap online lipstick checkweigher, automatic sorting scale is designed for lipsticks.Automatic checkweigher is composed of weighing conveyor, controller and inlet and outlet material conveyor.The weight conveyor collects the weight signal and sends the weight signal to the controller for processing.The discharging conveyor is used to transport the tested product away from the weighing area.


Specification parameter



Weighing Scope


Restrictions of Product

L: 350  W: 300  H: 3mm up

sharpness of Separation

±0.5-1g vision product

Seale Mark


Belt Speed


Highest Speed

80 pcs/min

Belt Width



                            Cheap online lipstick checkweigher, automatic sorting scale    

The checkweigher is suitable for testing the weight of a small single item whether is qualified or not.Automatically check if packing the finished weight range of qualified, and by sorting weed out unqualified products.

For example,



The checkweigher photos

5757.jpg 565992.jpg

DSC01625.JPG DSC02450.JPG

                            Cheap online lipstick checkweigher, automatic sorting scale

1:LCD touch screen: The use of  color man-machine interface, the whole intelligent, user-friendly design and multi-language support,Simple operation;

2:Emergency stop button for safety working condition;

3:Guide rod : can adjust the direction of the product go through the weighing scale table.

4:Hasp lock design :  disassembling without tools, which is easier to clean

5.Reject system choose : automatic reject by air blast,push type or driving lever type and so on .

6.Special materials: Can be achieve reduce vibration ,prevent vibration.

7.Machine foot: Adjustable height.Respond to different users, user feels comfortable , 

  protect the spine.and can be fixed and prevent movement.

DSC02858.JPG SG-150 3.JPG

Our Company

Shanghai Shigan Industrial co., LTD. Is specialized in the r&d and manufacturing of automatic conveying equipment.After practice, has developed a mature variety of check weighingscale.



Packing & Delivery

1. Before packaged, the machines will be tested strictly to guarantee the stability and high accuracy.

2. After tested, the machines will be wrapped with plastic sheet and carefully packed in wooden cases.

15816578705431890.jpg 533372581718652971.jpg

G]8]P4AWZ`4_XF6TDS7`RVI.jpg CCD$ID[L`0C83~X[6ABM4UU.jpg

Factory Tour


The production process

1. Carefully check each parameter, adding function and measuring range with the customer before production.

2. Professional staff make drawings.

3. Production personnel shall complete according to the drawings before the approved time limit.

4. Pre-factory testing.

5. Delivery.


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Our Service

12 Months Guarantee

★ 12 months free main parts change (Please return the damaged parts by airmail)

★ Overseas engineers available (You only have to pay part of the freight)


All our machines can be customized , according to your product's features and your workshop environment, or your production line.

After-sales Service Provided

Engineers availbale to provide after-sales service overseas in order to help customers solve technical problems.

Q&A 1100(1).jpg


1.What benefits can automatic online check weigher bring to enterprises?

(1). Automatic check weigher can use automatic check weigher feedback control to ensure effective filling volume.(2). Automatic check weigher can help you effectively control the cost automatically(3). Automatic check weigher can reject high penalty and ensure 100% weight test(4).Automatic check and weigher can improve the efficiency of production line(5). Automatic check weigher can save cost and increase product profit(6). Automatic check weigher comprehensively promotes process improvement and efficiency...More Information

2.How should the online weighing machine maintain the conveyor belt in daily use?

(1).Before stopping the machine every day, the machine can only be stopped after the conveying of materials on the conveyor belt of the automatic online weighing machine;(2). On-site staff shall timely find and solve the faults of the conveyor belt to ensure the normal operation of the automatic weighing function;(3). Check whether the conveyor belt of the online weighing machine is stretched regularly every month, and make timely adjustment;(4). Try to avoid conveying materials with large moisture content, and prevent materials from sticking to the conveyor belt of the automatic weighing machine, which will lead to the subsidence and deformation of the conveyor belt and affect the normal use...More Information

3.What are the purchasing skills of online digital check weigher?

(1).The first need to see the reaction speed of the online checkweigher display is sensitive, in the detection of the main function of the display is to detect the number of correlation.(2).When you buy the digital check weigher, you must carefully check whether the performance of the weighing scale is stable or not, because it is related to the accurate value of the automatic weighing machine in the later detection and also affects the use time of the check weigher.(3).Have a look at the performance of the digital check weigher, because in the process of force measurement, if corrosive substances will lead to the life of the automatic weighing machine, force measurement accuracy and other problems have a serious impact...More Information

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