What benefits can automatic online check weigher bring to enterprises?

2020-08-18 11:07:44

Automatic checkweigher also called online check weigher,sorting scale,digital weighing machine,weight checker,check weighing machine and so on.

Why do many enterprises choose to use automatic check weighers?What benefits can automatic check weigher bring to enterprises? Today we will look at the benefits that automatic check weigher can bring to enterprises.


1. Automatic check weigher can use automatic check weigher feedback control to ensure effective filling volume

Use feedback control system to prevent overweight and underweight products by setting control points in filling equipment and adjust filling volume accordingly.The automatic check weigher can be directly controlled by the filling equipment or automated feedback control can be completed through the existing network system in the factory.

2. Automatic check weigher can help you effectively control the cost automatically

Customers often use automatic check weighers for the purpose of complying with relevant regulations. In fact, using automatic check weighers can effectively reduce waste, improve detection accuracy and help you improve production line efficiency.The investment cost of automatic checking weighers can pay off in just a few months, weeks or even days!

3. Automatic check weigher can reject high penalty and ensure 100% weight test

By using an online check weigher, you can ensure that all products comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards.As an important part of quality control and process management, 100% weight testing also provides documentation and process requirements that meet stringent market requirements.

4.Automatic check and weigher can improve the efficiency of production line

Overall equipment efficiency was improved by improving "effectiveness, performance and quality".100% product weight monitoring provides valuable data support to the production process, reducing unnecessary downtime.Strict product weight deviation requirements can be used to reduce the use of automatic check weigher, underweight phenomenon, to achieve higher production efficiency.

5. Automatic check weigher can save cost and increase product profit

A precision set good automatic weighing scale can reduce the product weight deviation as far as possible, reduce waste, to ensure that the raw material use unchanged in the case of more products produced!

6. Automatic check weigher comprehensively promotes process improvement and efficiency

Automatic check weighers provide real-time monitoring of product processes, including production data statistics and SPC trends, which can be used to improve production and production efficiency factors.

7. Automatic check weigher can improve product quality to meet customers' strict production process

As a tool to reduce product weight tolerance and repeatability of testing process, automatic weigher has become an important factor to ensure product quality and meet customer requirements as always.

8. Automatic check weigher can save labor

The use of dynamic online weighing can reduce potential sampling errors and long-term labor costs, compared with the use of static balances for product sampling in conventional applications.

9. Automatic check weigher can reduce the error rejection rate and avoid rework and scrap

A good manufacturing process requires accurate and well-maintained automatic check weighers, while also requiring as few items as possible to be eliminated!Strict weight deviation requirements require continuous improvement of the production quality process to reduce product waste and rework phenomena.The error elimination rate is controlled and reduced, the accuracy of automatic check weigher is more accurate, and the weight partition setting is more reasonable.

10. Automatic check weigher can ensure that the interests of customers are not affected

Will not endanger the customer's contract because of the mode of transportation and product application, automatic check weigher and its application to ensure satisfactory products and delivery time!

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