How to choose a suitable automatic check weigher machine?

2020-08-17 10:25:57

Automatic check weigher machine also called online checkweigher,weighing scale,sorting machine,check weight scale and etc.

It is important to choose a suitable automatic check weigher machine for enterprisesautomatic check weigher machine is a kind of on-line dynamic weighing equipment, it can detect 100% of the weight of each product and separate out the unqualified products.According to the accuracy, speed and the size of the product, there are many models and series, how to choose the right check weigher?

Often customers fall into the trap of blindly trusting the brand effect of a big company, rather than relying on their own actual needs.The technical industry has specialized, the enterprise also has each to settle down the strong point.Unfortunately, my client was introduced to me by a friend and did not have an in-depth understanding of the key points of the listed company's sales products.For example, this company has a small reputation in the electronic equipment industry, and it needs to launch new products and machinery equipment this year, but it will undoubtedly use the big brands of more than ten years in the publicity, you are trustworthy, similar advertising slogans to mislead consumers.It's impossible to guard against an encounter.


You should consider the seven points before you make your choice:

1.Test the product

Check the net content of the product, and remove overweight and ultra-light products;Detect the missing parts of the product, such as whether there is a lack of instructions in the medicine box;Product classification, according to the weight of the division


There are usually two kinds of sensors used in the weigh-balance equipment, the strain type sensor and the electromagnetic force sensor. The strain type detection precision is lower than the electromagnetic force, and the speed is also lower than the electromagnetic force, of course, the price is also cheap. If the strain type can meet the detection accuracy requirements, its cost performance is relatively high.

3.Stability of the scale

The inspection weigher produced by Shanghai Shigan is top-notch in terms of production technology and production standard.Precision high performance stability, you can meet the most stringent requirements.

4.Weed out way

Depending on the requirements, one or two of them can be selected. When there is one of them, either ultra-light or overweight will be removed from this position.When two were eliminated, one was ultralight and one was overweight.

5.Auxiliary function

If there is no material stop, stop the package stop, even the package remove, remove confirmation, pressure detection and other auxiliary functions, can really bring great convenience to the operation.

6.After-sales service

After-sale service depends not only on whether there are many after-sale service outlets, but also on its service attitude, whether the service price is reasonable, and whether it has skills and talents.

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