Hardware screw weighing checkweigher

The series checkweigher is designed for hardware fitting,it can weigh the products on the production line at high speed, dynamically check the weight, and continuously check and eliminate the unqualified products with weight.

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Place of Origin:Shanghai,China                                             Brand Name:SHIGAN

Model Number:SG-D220                                                        Power Supply:110-220V(AC)

Display Type:LCD                                                                 Product name:Hardware screw weighing checkweigher

Material:SUS304                                                                   Certificate:CE ROHS

Color:Silver checkweigher                                                      Belt Speed:0-60m/min

Weighing Scope:10-1200kg                                                  Speed:100 pcs/min

Function:Checkweigher                                                          Warranty:1 year

Supply Ability:

Supply Ability:               30 Set/Sets per Month check weigher

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details      Automatic grain bags weighing scale check weigher with metal detector by wood case

Port                            Shanghai

Product Description                                                                                

                                                               Hardware screw weighing checkweigher

Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier that is concerned with the design, development, and production of online checkweigher.The check weight machine for hardware fitting can weigh the products on the production line at high speed, dynamically check the weight, and continuously check and eliminate the unqualified products with weight.

Checkweigher also called check weighing machine,sorting scale,weighing machine,weight checker and so on.


Product Parameter

Rated Load
Products Size
L:200 W:150 H: 3-200mm
Weighing accuracy
±0.2g(depends on product)
Belt speed
0-60 m/min
Highest speed
100 pcs/min
Belt width
Gross weight
About 110w
Power supply
AC 110/220 V ±10% 50 HZ
Main material
SU304 stainless steel

Hardware screw weighing checkweigher 
strives to make every detail of each machine the most perfect, using food-grade conveyor belt, imported weighing sensors to ensure high accuracy.

Detail photos:

555.jpg 5664..jpg

shigan-cheng多级600.webp.jpg 多级细节1.jpg

Main Advantages: 

1.Reinforced stainless steel frame, a comprehensive waterproof design

2.All contact parts are made of food grade materials to ensure that the product will not be contaminated

3.Using high-precision sensors, advanced high-speed digital signal processing technology

4.Dynamic weight automatic compensation technology, zero automatic analysis and tracking technology

5.100 product presets, easy product editing and storage

6.Fast product switching and automatic adjustment of the corresponding product sorting speed

7.USB mass storage, inspection records at any time access

8.Intuitive and easy to use man-machine interface to minimize operator training time and costs


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Product Application                                                                                

Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier that is concerned with the design, development, and production of Checkweigher. This series of checkweigher is specially designed and developed for the hardware industry.


Our Customers

Shanghai Shigan industrial Co., LTD With years of export experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, Shanghai Shigan has won numerous customers' trust and support.

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Our Factory


All the inspection scales of our company are produced and sold by ourselves, Shanghai Shigan is a reliable manufacturer, and this series of inspection scales can be customized to meet your different needs.Our company has years of experience in weighing and packaging areas.It provides customers with cost effective packaging and weighing equipment.The quality of product is reliable and stable

Company Introduce

Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise incorporating technology, research development and processing and marketing. The company has years of experience in weighing areas. It provides customers with cost-effective checkweigher, multi-level screening scale and corresponding auxiliary devices with excellent design capability and complete process control. The quality of product is reliable and stable. Some products not only surpasses similar imported products, but also exports to all over the world. It is popular with the masses of users and dealers and gains praise from them.




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Over the years, Shanghai Shigan has participated in many exhibitions, and our company has attracted a large number of customers and friends with its excellent quality, high-precision detection,professional technical guidance and patient service. At every exhibition, a large number of new and old customers will come to know and buy our inspection weighers, and become our sincere "fans".

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1.How should the online weighing machine maintain the conveyor belt in daily use?

(1).Before stopping the machine every day, the machine can only be stopped after the conveying of materials on the conveyor belt of the automatic online weighing machine;(2). On-site staff shall timely find and solve the faults of the conveyor belt to ensure the normal operation of the automatic weighing function;(3). Check whether the conveyor belt of the online weighing machine is stretched regularly every month, and make timely adjustment.... Read More

2.Customize the process of checkweigher

The product demonstrating may not perfectly meet your requirements,our philosophy is to customize your real need.To minimizing idle capacity and function. To supply you performance and cost balanced products. Following are the factors shall be taken into account during customization:(1).Products to be packed(2).Container to be filled, type and specification.(3).Capacity requirement(4). Automation requirement (5). Protection requirement(6).Other specific requirement.... Read More

3.Note: Do not operate automatic check weigher without knowing these

(1).The sensor of automatic check weigher is a very sensitive measuring device and must be treated with care.Avoid shaking, squeezing or falling objects on the weighing stand (weighing belt).Do not place tools on weighing tables.(2), the products to be weighed regularly into the automatic weighing scale, that is, the product spacing as far as possible equal, is a prerequisite for reliable weighing.Please keep the photoelectric switches clean. Dust, stains or condensation on optical components may cause faults. If necessary, wipe these components lightly with a soft cloth or cotton cloth..... Read More

Packaging & Delivery

12 Months Guarantee

               ★       12 months free main parts change (Please return the damaged parts by airmail)
               ★        Overseas engineers available (You only have to pay part of the freight)

                All our machines can be customized , according to your product's features and your workshop environment, or your production line.

After-sales Service Provided
               Engineers availbale to provide after-sales service overseas in order to help customers solve technical problems.


After Sale Service

1.products are real enough: our goods are never fake, every product is genuine, all frankly tell you, please rest assured to choose.

2.Integrity is high enough: I sincerely serve you, is a trustworthy business

3.Guarantee is good enough: all of our sales products are brand new products, quality assurance!If it is not a new product, we will double the compensation!

4.Strong after-sales service: strictly implement the three-guarantee service, the products sold due to their own quality problems (non-human) appearance without scratch: 7-day replacement, one-year warranty, beyond the warranty, we only charge the cost and provide quality maintenance services.

5.Entity management: all over the factory, company and franchise company nationwide chain integrity management, welcome to the company to trade, I can sign the sales contract!

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